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or rather the ravings of a lunatic during the Sixth Harvest.

The Sixth Harvest was during the full eclipse of the strawberry moon. Not that I was able to harvest any strawberries because my strawberry plants both wilted away in my recent absence. June’s Moon is named after the strawberry when fruit is ready to pick and eat. I didn’t eat any strawberries. I ate watermelon and I picked the flesh free of seeds and cut up the rind to feed to my worms. While I fed them watermelon, I harvested the castings of worms. Did the Full moon have any effect on this harvest being completed without my thinking during the full eclipse of the Strawberry moon?
Today, I am thinking about the effect of the Full Moon on Worms and my unprompted Sixth Harvest. For centuries the effects of the moon have been observed and noted in relationship to the tides, women’s menstrual flow, animal behavior, and gardening, specifically when to plant and when not to plant. The Farmers Almanacs is written with the cycles of the moon planned out in detail for the farmer to not only optimize his growing season but more importantly to increase the germinating rate of his seeds and viability of his crops. So what is the connection between the Moon and all these things and is there an effect on worms or was there an effect on me?
The mystery is found in water which the moon pulls from the earth and rises the tide within all living things. The Earth’s surface area is 70.9% water which is affected by the moon in the diurnal tides. The effect is greatest during the full moon and the tides are always predicted to be much higher during this time of the month. As the almanac is written for the Farmer, plant your seeds during the full moon when the fluids rise. Men and women are ~75% water (55% if you’re dehydrated). The connection between the cycles of the moon in relationship to men and women is well documented. Water percentages in animals are very similar to humans 75%-80% at birth and as low as 55-65% at maturity. There is a reason in nature that the full moon is something to howl at. And for the worms the percentage of water is much higher than all the others. Worms are 90% water. I wonder about the lunar effect on worms.
Yesterday, I went to feed the worms. The flow through had dumped again to my surprise an amount which filled a five gallon bucket to the brim. And since the other bins were full I automatically begun harvesting the castings which yielded maybe a gallon for each of the other bins. I didn’t have to even think about it but began harvesting automatically when I saw the bins were full.
Last weekend, I found myself on the water sitting on a surf board watching the moon rise and the sun set. It was a phenomenal day for me, my best day surfing so far. It was such a great day that I ignored the open cut on my left hand. Three cuts across my palm where I reached out before me when being cast from the wave into the reef. My left hand saved my skull from receiving those same three cuts across my scalp. So when it came time to harvest the worm castings, I did that using only my right hand. It took me an hour.
But in that hour, something most strange happened that I can only blame the moon. As before, with my method of taking the bottom tray and placing it open upon the top tray and making little pyramids for the worms to descend within, and removing the floating illuminati eyes off of the top and then building a new tip with the remaining mound of vermicast, I witnessed the most bizarre of things. It began to frustrate me and I didn’t understand why. But as I removed the pyramid tips with my one good hand I noticed that many worms had stayed up there. And I spent a great deal of time picking the tips apart with a fork trying to remove the worms. It was like trying to pick seeds out of a watermelon. They didn’t wiggle their way down like I have always imagined they are supposed to do. Some worms stayed in the pyramid tips as though the moon was pulling them up there.
If there is a lesson to be gleaned from this it would be to resist the urge to harvest worm castings during a full moon.

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