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Small scattered feedings with bedding vs. full bin which is more productive?

For those that enjoy an excuse for messing with their worms you probably will skip this comparison trial or go bonkers not being able to keave them alone. For the 10% of the forum members still standing give this a try.
Set up two identically sized bins (a shoebox is way too small) in one bin place a two inch layer of composted bedding/food. Each day monitor their feed and add food and bedding in 1/2" layers as the worms need, plus a little to maximize their growth.
In the second bin either make a lasanga of produce and leaves, cardboard, or newspaper to the top and let it compost for two weeks till it settles down temperature wise. Or just fill it with horse manure or prcomposted material to the top.
In both bins make sure you have proper moisture and ventilation.
Now add the same amount of worms to each bin making sure there is the same amout of worms, this is important.

At the end of the trial, lets say four weeks dump each bin out on a flat piece of masonite or a table. You want to evaluate for size, quantity of worms, how vibrant, and number of cocoons.

I want to know if you will have the same results as i did!

Which method has produced the best results over all.

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Comment by Rick Freeman on August 4, 2012 at 11:24am

Rich, please let us know how this works for you, ok?  I have too much going on right now to replicate this experiment but come winter will have more time.  Thanks for all the great information and some great pics!!


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