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Lab Analysis Of Casting
9 Replies

I sent a sample of castings, I harvested to be analysed...! I'm hoping some one can paint a picture of what these numbers indicate...! I don't sell the castings (or worms) so this is strictly a…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob Turner Jul 3, 2013.

Breeder Bin Experiment
4 Replies

On January 5 (121 days) I set up a breeder bin, I use a small RM, divided in two section, I added 33 worms per side...!These are the results, I'm guessing (Sue has passed on a great deal of her…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by iJohn May 8, 2013.

Sweet Potatoes
16 Replies

I have a very large quantity of "fresh" Sweet Potatoes...! I'm going to chopped them up, freeze them, and mixed them with other produce come feeding time...! Anyone see any problems here...? Thanks  Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by iJohn Apr 11, 2013.


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Milt left a comment for iJohn
"I'm still shipping to Canada.."
Feb 20, 2016
Milt and iJohn are now friends
Feb 20, 2016
iJohn replied to Stevesd's discussion types of bedding
"Any type of shredder makes the job easier, in my experience crosscut shredders works better, because the shredded paper/cardboard as a rule will absorb liquid better and in so being is more appetizing to the boys and by not balling/clumping…"
Feb 15, 2015
iJohn replied to Milt's discussion Membership
"WOW...! Mr. Nick U bin on Vacation...?"
Feb 6, 2015
iJohn commented on Jacob Boswell's photo
Feb 6, 2015
Rick commented on iJohn's photo

Junior & Mega (2)

"Thanks for the update. I also made a wooden stand for my Mega. The legs are 4' in length which I think will make harvesting easier. That was my one big complaint with a wooden flowthrough that I made. The opening was like a foot above the…"
Nov 30, 2014
iJohn commented on iJohn's photo

Junior & Mega (2)

"Rick I'm very happy with my Megas... After working with RM's for quite a while, harvesting the Megas is a real cake walk... The worms consumed incredible amounts of food and consequently leave behind copious amount of very good quality…"
Nov 17, 2014
Rick commented on iJohn's photo

Junior & Mega (2)

"Can you give an update on the Mega? I purchased one the end of October, been set up for a couple weeks now and I'm liking it a lot. The worms seem very lively and it holds a lot more then I thought it would. Have you harvested any castings yet?"
Nov 13, 2014
iJohn replied to Sara Smith Living in Colorado's discussion Anyone combining Bokashic composting with vermicomposting????
"Have checked YouTube...?"
Sep 26, 2014
iJohn replied to Alan Robinson's discussion feeding worms
"Grounded/powdered eggshells is always a welcome addition to any system, and most important they are free...!!!   :)"
Sep 5, 2014
Steve Bichlmeier replied to iJohn's discussion Leachate from Worm Inn ...Maybe...! in the group Worm Inn users
"I have a few Mega-Inns going and and I was also bit concerned about not having leachate (having used rubber-maid systems previously), thinking maybe my moisture levels were too low.  I understand now that if you are seeing leachate chances are…"
Aug 22, 2014
iJohn replied to tim strickland's discussion Such a thing as TOO old manure, leaves, or compost?
"When it applies to worms it's mostly about moister...The older the medium the less moister present, hence few worms inhabit... Very little to do with nutrion...! Mix dry manure with moisten bedding/food and watch it disappear...! Mix dry manure…"
Jul 13, 2014
iJohn replied to Jerilynn Walton's discussion 50 Lb Purina Worm Chow $19.50
"Just out of curiosity how long would 300lbs. Last you and how do you store it...? Thanks"
Jul 10, 2014
iJohn replied to Jeff Hardesty's discussion Organic compost as bedding
" Aged/rotting food scraps work really well...!              "
May 6, 2014
iJohn replied to Jeff Hardesty's discussion Organic compost as bedding
"The worms mostly ingest the slurry let behind by the Microorganism... There are videos showing worms taking small (very) nibbles, but mostly they are of the 7/11 crowd... Slurpee's is how they roll... Don't forget they…"
May 6, 2014
iJohn replied to Jeff Hardesty's discussion Organic compost as bedding
"Jeff  If you had paper or cardboard that has "Sticky tape"  stuck to it, you will eventually find the clear cellulose (Cellophane) in your compost, completely stripped of any gummy residue...! It's quite amazing the…"
May 6, 2014
iJohn replied to Alexis's discussion Dead red wigglers, many small white ones
"Alexis How long have you had your bin...? Before adding worms to your bin did you season it (Inoculate)...? How many worms did you start with... ?  Posting photos can really be helpful... If you had gobs of dead worms your nose would be…"
Apr 27, 2014
iJohn replied to Alexis's discussion Dead red wigglers, many small white ones
"Lexi... I forgot to mention, regarding FF(Fruit Flies) Freezing your scrapes for 3 or 4 days or longer if you can will help keep the numbers of FF in check, also keeping a very good level of bedding on top of everything also helps, I go one step…"
Apr 27, 2014
Alexis left a comment for iJohn
"Ha! Thanks for the heads - up on the typo John!"
Apr 27, 2014
iJohn replied to Alexis's discussion Dead red wigglers, many small white ones
"Lexi... Welcome aboard...  I'm assuming from your description, the white worms are probably "Potworms"  one way to get rid of them is to use crushed (powdered) eggshells...  You could sprinkle some on top and gently…"
Apr 27, 2014

Profile Information

When did you start composting with worms?
September 13, 2012
How were you introduced to vermicomposting?
By researching recycling/composting methods
What do your worms like to eat?
Almost anything that once "lived"
What kinds of worms do you have?
Eisenia fetida Eisenia hortensis Perionyx excavatus
What worm bins do you use?
Two 68 ltrs (18 USG) Five 53 Lts (14-USG) DIY RM - One - 25 Lts (6 USG) + WigWam + 2 Large Mortar Pans + Worm Inn and a "Mega"
How many pounds of garbage do your worms recycle each week?
50 pounds plus bedding...!
My Map Entry URL:
About Me:
I received my worms this after noon (13-09-12)
Let the games begin...!!!
December - 2012 Added a Wigwam - See Photos
December - 2013 Added a Worm Inn
February - 2014 Added DIY Worm Bag (Experimenting)
March - 2014 Added a Mega

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Comment Wall (14 comments)

At 5:34pm on August 31, 2012, Rich Feiller said…
Welcome to our forum
At 9:09pm on September 1, 2012, Andrew from California said…

"I was given quite a large amount of UCG, I have a DIY bin that is set up, and will have worm in about 12 days or so...
Question... 1 - How do I keep those grounds... ? 2 - Do they have a shelf life...? 3 - Are UCG bite seize for the worms, or should they pulverize a bit more..."

1. keep the UCG moist, throw in a handful of good soil or compost so hopefully some mold starts to grow
2. no shelf life...the older, the better
3. probably depends a little on the grind size and the worm species, but I've never heard anyone re-grinding UCG

I have a tote full of old UCG and grab a couple of handfuls to add to a feeding whenever I add scraps that don't already have some UCG in it. If you have plants that prefer acidity, throw some UCG on the ground around those. It's pretty easy to get UCG from any number of sources.

At 7:36am on September 2, 2012, Rich Feiller said…

i love the smell of coffee, this is off the wall, but i leave the fresh bag of USG in the truck for a day. man it smells good when i get in! LOL

i do leave them in the bag for a couple of weeks kept moist to calm down the heat. a little fresh USG can generate a lot of heat.

At 9:40am on September 9, 2012, Steve Lambert said…

Hey John,

I presume you've checked out the pictures of my FT.  On the whole, t has worked very well.  The worm population is very dense (3-5k) and they are all on the small side.  I attribute this to them being so crowded.  My larger compost pile "bins" are less dense and the worms are bigger.  All are EF/EA's.  

Harvesting the FT via scraping across the string trimmer line grate with a small claw works best when the FT is sitting on 6-8 inch blocks so I don't have to be on my hands and knees.  My line is 1 1/2 inches apart, and that has worked just fine.  Sometimes there is "self harvest", other times you really have to scrape to get the packed VC to fall.  This has to do with the moisture content of the VC, the types of food and bedding processed, and the time of year (air temp, humidity, wind).  This is my experience/opinion.

Barrel FT's are neat because they are vertical, strong, and can be made to have the bin, grate, and harvest/catchment chamber all-in-one.  When I have to move it to the shed for the winter I simply use a hand truck.  It is quite heavy when full though.

Good luck with your bin when you get the worms.  I like the pipe to observe any collected moisture in the bottom of the bin.  Cardboard is a great bedding too.

Later, Steve

At 4:31pm on September 15, 2012, Bill S said…

Hi John good to have another Canadian vermicomposter aboard. 

At 12:26pm on September 16, 2012, Janis Clone said…

iJohn - How has you fresh batch of worms settled in?!   Its exciting to watch them after several days once their established in the new home they really start eating!.

At 5:45pm on September 16, 2012, John Duffy said…

I don't add anything to my watermelon 'smoothies'...Just toss it in the blender and puree the heck out of it.

At 10:17am on October 17, 2012, Sue said…

It's fun. I'm sure you'll love it.

At 7:14am on November 25, 2012, Nicholas said…
Hello! My shredder uses blades..I'll put more pictures up when I can of my whole operation
At 4:47am on June 5, 2013, Mike aka Boreal Wormer said…

Hi John I'm up near Jasper national park

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