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  • Coffee Ground Vermicomposters

    155 members Latest Activity: Oct 6, 2015

    All those who feel like adding coffee grounds to their worm bins or who collect and make use of Coffee Grounds are welcome…

  • Eisenia Fetida Farmers

    120 members Latest Activity: Aug 26, 2014 Figured if the PE folks have a group maybe we should have one too

  • Perionyx Excavatus Farmers

    48 members Latest Activity: Mar 21, 2015 a.k.a. Indian Blues, Malaysian Blues or just Blues

  • Stackable Flow Through Bin Owners

    188 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2015 A group for people who use the Wriggly Wranch (and others stackable tray) worm bin to talk about / share experiences. I figured there might be…

  • Farmers Market

    76 members Latest Activity: Nov 6, 2014 A Group to discuss all things worms, and related issues at Farmers Markets.

  • eudrillus eugeniea wormers

    48 members Latest Activity: Oct 6, 2015 the african nightcrawler worm is a great composting worm or bait worm just protect it from the cold

  • What worms are in your compost pile?

    28 members Latest Activity: Jan 23, 2015 For those of us that have on ground compost with volenteers.
    Species if able to identify them.
    Size, color, physical description,…

  • Vermigardening

    247 members Latest Activity: Mar 11 Anyone using worms, castings or teas in anyway to grow any kind of garden, please share your advice and experience here.

  • Cattle Manure Users

    31 members Latest Activity: Jun 4, 2016 This group is for people who also use Cattle manure. The Pro and Cons of using this type of manure for raising worms  and vermiculture.

  • Continuous Flow/Flow Through Worm Composting

    238 members Latest Activity: Apr 23 55 gallon barrels, trash cans, wheeled bins, bags, or whatever else you've thought of to turn into a flow through bin! A group to discuss ideas on…

  • Eisenia andrei

    32 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2014

  • folks that work with Lumbricus rubellus

    25 members Latest Activity: Nov 6, 2014

    a red composting worm, that at times has been called red wrigglers, red wigglers. depending on what source you use the physical discriptions vary…

  • BSF - Hermetia illucens

    62 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2014 BSF, Can't live w/ 'em, can keep 'em out.

  • new ideas with worm composting

    88 members Latest Activity: Aug 7, 2014 i thought that it would be nice to have a group for pioneering with new tybes of worm farming or new types of worms that you cross bread or any new…

  • Eisenia Hortensis Wormers

    82 members Latest Activity: Jun 4, 2016 Our worms can beat up your worms!

  • Link Collection Group

    45 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2014 A group for those of us who would "loose our heads if it weren't attached". And loose the stored Vermi links on our computers even faster.

  • Horse manure users

    95 members Latest Activity: Jun 4, 2016 This group is for people who also use horse manure.We need a group to discuss hot composting,wormer.techniques,problems,etc.

  • Midwest Region Wormers

    53 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2014 Disscussion group for the worm keepers of the Midwest Region. A place for midwesterners to spin worm tales!


    65 members Latest Activity: Dec 24, 2014 THIS GROUP IS FOR PEOPLE WHO MAKE MONEY OFF OF WORM FARMING

  • Californian Vermicomposters

    64 members Latest Activity: Nov 27, 2014 Vermicomposters from California and/or surrounding areas to exchanges questions, ideas, and helpful hints to fellow vermicomposters in similar…



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