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I got Stephan Kloppert's excellent book "How To Start a Profitable Worm Business on a Shoestring Budget."

He devotes two pages to fattening compost worms to bait size by feeding dog poop. He recommends it if it is free and available and you don't want to buy and use prepared worm chows.

He posts a picture of a compost worm on a ruler with the caption "A compost worm can reach a length of 20 centimeters." That is 8 inches! I have not seen such sizes in my bins, but I have seen photos of very fat worms. The paragraph below the picture he says the worm to use is Eisenia fetida.

Stephan recommends keeping a devoted "fattening bin" where the diet is higher in protein and the environment is wetter than normal. He does not mention any change in how the compost is used.

I have not started this but am considering it. I do not keep dogs, but neighbors do.

I have friends interested in bait worms, so this may be another cash stream if I develop it.

Has anyone done this?

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