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Worm Density with PEs, food mobbing 2 Replies

I was just watching the video Christy Ruffner and 'various stages of…Continue

Tags: vermicomposting, excavatus, perionyx, density, worm

Started by Susan B. Last reply by Christopher John White Sep 8, 2013.

Differences from EFs 17 Replies

Hi Guys, I'd love a discussion of the differences we've noted from what's been said about the EFs. Even better if you have both. Mine don't mob food the way some of the photos of the EFs show, but it…Continue

Tags: excavatus, perionyx

Started by Susan B. Last reply by Christopher John White Aug 30, 2013.

My show box .

Hi there I emptied out the shoe box the other day, and found that the worms were all in good condition and uniform, is this the size of the show box causing the good conditioning.?Continue

Started by Christopher John White Aug 24, 2013.

Supply of Perionyx Excavatus to Israel 2 Replies

We are looking for a source to supply of Perionyx Excavatus in large quantity to Israel. Do you know about such a source?Continue

Started by Avi Ceasar. Last reply by Avi Ceasar Aug 9, 2013.

Differences with ANC's 10 Replies

Hi folks,Wondered if anyone here can help me with identification between PE and ANC. I would like a quick way to tell the difference rather than having to put them under microscope.Can't seem to find…Continue

Started by Benno. Last reply by Christopher John White Aug 4, 2013.

Is this an Eisenia fetida or a Perionyx excavatus? 7 Replies

Hi, Gang:Help me here -- is this an Eisenia fetida or a Perionyx excavatus?Many thanks ahead of time,GaiaContinue

Started by Gaia Steward. Last reply by Christopher John White Jul 25, 2013.

Volume of food consumed 11 Replies

The EF guys say that their worms eat half their weight in food daily. My PEs don't get anywhere near that much consumed. Not by a long way. What's your experience? Are my worms telling me they don't…Continue

Started by Susan B. Last reply by Garden Citizen Jan 11, 2010.

Survey of sizes of PE 4 Replies

G'day all,Wonder if you all could post here the largest (length & width in metric) PE you have ever seen, or have in possession.CheersContinue

Started by Benno. Last reply by Susan B Apr 16, 2009.

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Comment by Jeannene on August 1, 2008 at 5:01pm
OK, I need to vent a little.

I am having a hard time finding anyone to ship me PE's. I found a source in SC, but she doesn't ship. Another source in Hawaii is basically out of business now, another is extremely expensive and the other is just inconsistent in their correspondence and I'm not sure area actually going to ship anything, even though they have told me they will.

Folks in Canada refer me to the same sources in the U.S. that are simply dead ends. All of this difficulty in acquiring PE's makes me wonder is there some big PE party somewhere and I'm not invited. :( Not really, but it does really make me want them even more.

Am I unreasonable? Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks for listening.
Comment by Susan B on August 3, 2008 at 12:57am
Dwayne ordered EFs and got a lot of PEs with them. You might ask him where he got his worms from.
Comment by Asha on August 26, 2008 at 9:27pm
When I started out with my worms, I had a case of LOTS of worms escaping from my bin that I panicked. This lasted for about the first week I got them though I had my bedding and kitchen scraps all prepared and ready to give them a warm, cosy welcome!
Now I still find about one or two outside the bin each week.
Did any of you have a similar experience as mine when you started with PEs? This could also be an fyi for new PE wormers
Comment by Jeannene on August 28, 2008 at 1:10pm
Hey everyone, a big shout out to Dwayne. The PE's and friends arrived without a hitch. I currently have them in a quarantine bin to begin separating the blues from the "friends" that came along for the ride. Thanks so much for the blue's I love that little flip move the juvies make to "jump" out of my hand. Thanks again!
Comment by Susan B on August 30, 2008 at 11:28am
Asha, I had problems with the blues leaving for the first 2 weeks. They'd go down the bottom to the drainage pan. Some drowned, but I think I found most of them in time. They've completely settled down and now I know what to do about the drainage pan, put some shredded newspaper in it so the worms have a place to go!!!!

From reading, I think that those starting with red wigglers have similar problems in the beginning.
Comment by Bentley Christie on October 23, 2008 at 10:59am
Hi gang - I received quite a few PEs as part of a red worm shipment (from the US) early this past summer. They didn't seem AT ALL impressed with the trip from the states. I knew something was weird when I saw them crawling (extremely quickly, I might add) out of a bin in broad daylight during the summer. I ended up losing a lot of them under my deck, but they seemed to simply take up residence in my yard. I suspect I've lost a lot of them now that the cold weather seems to have arrived, but do have some in an indoor stackable bin.
If anyone is still looking for a supplier in the US, I may be able to help - they are actually considered pest worms among worm farmers, so having people actually interested in buying them might be a pleasant surprise for those looking for a way to get rid of them.
Comment by Walter J. Haas on January 17, 2009 at 8:21pm
will Pes compost humane bio-solids like Efs? Why do they escape so ofton? how do you stop them? are they as gregarious Efs? What is the hottest it can be for them? Newbee with Pes!

Comment by Walter J. Haas on March 26, 2009 at 10:24am
are there supplers of PEs to Centrial America?
Comment by Susan B on April 5, 2009 at 1:17pm
Hi all. Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been at it for a little over a year now and don't check the worms or the site nearly as often as I did. I went to two bins and then sort of forgot about them except for weekly feeds. When I checked a few months later, I had more worms than compost towards the top of my flow through. The community garden had just gotten a HUGE shipment of zoo compost. I filled up two more bins with that and some thawed vege waste and everyone seems to be happy.

The PEs had completely stopped reproducing for months. I was a little concerned but was distracted by other stuff. I'm hoping that now that I've got them spread out, they'll start reproducing again.

Dwayne, thanks for keeping this group active.

Walter, PEs move MUCH more quickly than EFs. I'm not sure what you mean by gregarious, but mine form balls of worms (at least when I forgot about them to the point that the population was saturated.) I've had trouble with worms escaping in each new bin I've started, but just for the first few weeks. It's been forever since you asked your question, so hopefully you don't have any escapees any more. I'm not sure about max temp but I think I found the answer with google (and Kelly Slocum) earlier. Here's some info I've collected from various sites. Sorry I didn't keep the URLs.

PE Maximum reproduction under ideal condtions:
19.5 cocoons per adult per week
90.7% hatching success rate
1.1 hatchlings per cocoon
Net reproduction of 19.4 young per adult per week

Maximum growth rate under ideal conditions:
16-21 days to cocoon hatch
29-55 days to sexual maturity
45-76 days from cocoon to maturity

My experience hasn't been nearly as good as the numbers would suggest, but I doubt I have 'ideal conditions', whatever that is. I get better performance out of the flow through. I think the rate limiting factor (once you've got enough worms) is the amount of the oxygen supplied to the bacteria. That's why flow throughs are so much better. (See threads on the main board). I don't know if stacking would be as good or not.
Comment by Walter J. Haas on April 6, 2009 at 8:05am
Thank you all


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