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went to add manure to 2x4' FT bin and was greeted by this half full (or half empty bin depending on perspective).

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this is a new one for me usually the picture is included with the post. onto the next photo, this is from under the bin. about 20 gals of self-harvest. of course the worms are gone from the castings.

the harvesting bars have about 1-1/2" spaces between them. in looking closely at 3 of the other FT's they are in the process of doing the same thing. the warm dry weather has allowed the VC to shrink and it has lost it's adheasion to the sides. i really wasn't ready for this. i already have about 60 gals of VC waiting to be screened. still have a ways to go on the harvester. gotta work faster!

has to be a better way i can't be playing catch up with the bins whenever they decide to dump. need to modify the bottoms of the bins to prevent this from happening. a lot to learn!

 looks half full to me! lol.

There's always one!! Lol
Larry i'll pm you with my alternate design to get your opinion. Not trying to be secretive just dont't want folks to copy a design that may not work to expectations


i crawled under the FT's to check them all out and in each one is a rat tunnel from underneath up into the VC to get at the worms. i will be tearing down all of the FT's and putting wire mesh  affixed to the bottoms. heck of a lot of work.

thanks Sam   :-)

i had covered the tops of everything, buckets, FT's, trays, totes, didn't think they would burrow up through 16 + inches of castings. just when I thunk I had er fungered out!

My guess would be that mice & rats would be attracted by the smell of kitchen scraps. The worms are icing on the cake for them. The rodents (including 'coons & 'possums) are part of the reason I've been reluctant to put my 2nd FT plans to work. Besides, my 2 enclosed compost/worm bins can handle all my scraps. I'd have to find enough food for them if I expanded.




(Rats. The reason I LOVE my indoor wormery! And all cats and owls!)

So much for that theory, Larry. :-) Rats are probably smarter than the other critters, so it wouldn't surprise me if they could figure out worms were "trapped" in a bin. I just know that my one large on-ground bin that is open has not attracted any burrowing critters. I only feed that bin leaves and manure. Then again, it's about 15" deep right now and I haven't dug in to check what's happening below. Hopefully I won't find a nasty surprise next time I harvest.




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