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I will say that previously the bedding used in my wormeries was from a collection of Autumn leaves.  Although leaves suited the worms I found that there was a continuing build up of slugs, due to having collected the leaves from earth beneath the trees? . I would later see upon inspection, clusters of slugs eggs so a bigger population was then likely! 

Perhaps leaves from a paved/concreted area would get over this problem? (Any comments?)

Hessian sacking I found worked well if moistened but did not last due to rotting away so I now I re-cycle the chads from my cross-cut shredder ( which give the worms a puzzle and then some reading matter). 

After my latest modification to increase the ventilation I find that it is not necessary to wet or moisten the chads as they soon become damp.

Yes I am remiss in not providing photos of my attempts so far, I have the is on the To Do List, but please do not hold your breath!

On a cheerful note I now have no problems, so far, with either slugs or mice in this latest venture...Hooray!

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Comment by Sue on February 2, 2017 at 5:47pm

I do use hessian sacks I got from coffee roasters Co.s as covers over the entire bin. Yes, they do rot away and become castings but I can always get some more for free. I soaked them for a couple of days in rain water before use and worms love to linger between the layers.

I am very selective in using autumn leaves. I only use persimmon leaves my brother collected from his tree and so far, didn't find any slugs. I let them overwinter to kill whatever bugs might be in there.

Comment by Gardener Larry on February 13, 2017 at 2:54pm

Maybe I do too much work but I always save a couple of bags of leaves from the year prior. That way they have a year to dry out. I found that the maple leaf stems don't always break down nicely so I will manually sift the leaves through 1/4" screening (same one I use when sifting the castings) and throw away the stems. This leaves (no pun intended) a fairly fine medium that I then soak in water and put on top of any food I throw in the bin. Between the year of drying and the sifting I have not had any slug issues. I only feed once every 3-4 weeks during the Winter because I know more food makes more heat and it costs less to heat the bin.


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