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,Time has gone by since my last blog and here is a further development. I had mentioned the ventilator in the lid previously.  I am aware that numerous members state that due to using a feed through system they do not have to collect exudate as is the case of a stacked tray system.  I found that over time quite a lot of liquid had drained into the containers below (three flower troughs).  Further, on opening the lid there were always a number of worms either on the walls or adjacent to the door seal, and the underside of the insulated lid was wet with condensate.  As there were then drips from what was a raised lid much more ventilation would hopefully clear up the wetness problem.

Dealing with the problem, to me, at its source I decided to ventilate as near as possible the whole of the lid.  The lid was measured up and jig-sawed to give the maximum opening in the lid.  I cut 1/2 in square galvanised mesh (hardware cloth) to the size of the lid, the internet allowed me to buy (from China) nylon filter 20 mesh 1Mtr square.

The nylon was wrapped around the galvanised steel mesh and the 1inch overlap secured to itself by dabs of UHU glue, after ensuring that the nylon was stretched as tight as possible.  Once completed the sawn edge of the steel lid was treated by using masking tape and car underseal.  Finally the new filter unit was held in place by right-angle UPVC sections and with four pop-rivets on each side of the lid.  Aluminium section would have been much more of an expense!  (It was necessary to allow the underseal to completely dry).

That completed I now have a negligible amounts of moisture on parts of the nylon filter and the temperature above the filter is 2degrees C, that of the worm food 10 to12 degrees.  Oh yes..the walls of the cabinet are now virtually dry and no worms are seen as previously was the case.  The nylon mesh together with the magnetic 'lid' seal keeps fruit flies from making a home.  The wormery is on wheels and kept in the garage so there is no need to be concerned about rain and snow as was the case with my earlier wormeries.


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Comment by Gardener Larry on January 25, 2017 at 9:29am

Your symptoms sound a lot like the ones I have. My FT is in the garage and I am outside of Chicago so during the summer this might be beneficial. During the winter though I might be afraid of loosing heat. I use a wire based heater since the garage can drop below freezing.

any ideas. Also do you have any pictures?


Comment by Sue on February 2, 2017 at 12:59pm

Piers: I read your previous blogs.Please post some pictures. Thanks.


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