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Here I will mention that previously I had only to raise the lid and note the number of worms coming to the top of the chamber.  This would then allow me to consider what may be the cause of their trouble.  I had for a number of days lifted the lid and there seemed no problem in this direction,

I began to be aware of a slight smell within the garage, a few more days and this became more powerful!   I found the source of the smell: a large number of worms were found shrivelled in the lower chamber, there being no food available

there, they had perished!  The floor of the lower chamber, covered in Perspex, made the cleaning up easy to do. 

Inspecting the upper chamber there were still worms to be found but not a lot.  Eventually I found that the plastic ventilator  having the option of being open or closed had been closed accidentally by my partner who previously used the upper surface of the lid as a temporary shelf.  The fitted ventilator was size 6x9 inches and I pondered as to now fitting a 9x9 inch one?  Upon viewing the amount of light coming through the ventilator mesh I decided to keep with the present 6x9 inch one,  I then ordered some fresh worms, from Yorkshire Worms.  These were surprisingly very vigorous for some time  and after a week they had settled in.

The ventilator is now held open by two strips of Sellotape,

May this help avert a similar problem for others, we see a lot of new constructions and little as regards overcoming problems,  Perhaps this could improve?

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Comment by Daniel J Kline on December 26, 2015 at 5:43am

I have learned to pay more attention to aeration. I have a 4x18 ft bed. It is concrete block construction, and has no breathing except at the top. In the first cycle I did nothing to aerate. When I harvested this fall I saw areas undigested and heavily compacted, and maybe too moist. I have begun to aerate with a pitchfork. We will see if this gives a higher percentage of digestion.


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