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Before I begin I want to say that as a previous novice I found that references to bedding somewhat baffling.  The reason was that no distinction was made between the bedding used in starting off a wormery and that used to cover the wormery contents.  Perhaps the prefix of lower and top might be used to avoid any confusion?  Please feel free to comment.

More of my MK4 experiences:

As I previously stated when the worms are not happy they begin to rise up the inner walls, their numbers indicate the degree or amount of their distress.  It is satisfying to raise the lid and inspect the condition, it takes a matter of moments, each morning.  Problems do arise from time to time as below:

1). They may be short of food, having little left.  As the inner covering of burlap has soon rotted / been eaten, the inner covering is now of  corrugated cardboard which obscures any immediate inspection. 

2). The feed may have become too acid.  There is often reference to processing eggshells and using the result to restore the pH.  Having found this to be a chore and the supply to be infrequent.  I have found that a dusting of garden lime simplifies the job, being a fine powder it easily flows between the fingers of a clenched hand. A further point being that the worms even if covered do not find its use abhorrent.  Also should the garbage be a bit whiffy then lime does sweeten the smell.

3).  The contents may be too dry, a spraying of water soon remedies this.

4).  There may be too much food which has begun to heat up due to self composting.  I have a dedicated thermometer located in the center of the covering and in the warmer weather this read 24C, which seemed about right.  The worms really meant business and taking the temperature towards the corners of the contents we had 32C!  Quite an amount of food was removed and lo in a little while all was well. 

I am now fortunate to have access to well rotted horse manure, I use a shallow layer as top bedding, the worms love it, it is also a food which having already rotted does not cause overheating. To be recommended!

One thing about worms: you don't have to walk them twice a day!


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