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Lots of flies, but no eggs. A BSF artificial environment

Hi there all ye experts.

Please could you provide some knowledge, as I am working through trial and error. This is my first biopod, and first lifecycle with the BSF flies.

I have attempted to create an artificial environment and oversee a lifecycle of the BSF flies. I have a warm room in an out-building in which I have a small biopod. The BSF grubs which have crawled out of the biopod, have been pupating in moist soil in small trays in the same room.

Over the last 2 weeks, flies have began to emerge from the soil. There have been many flies emerging, flying around and then dying several days later. They have not yet laid any eggs in the lid of the biopod, and I see this as a problem. Are the flies laying their eggs somewhere else? Are they not mating? The biopod has got a fair amount of food rotting inside, so I assume there is the necessary scent in the air for them.


Furthermore, there are some other types of flies beginning to thrive in the same room. Some very tiny fruit flies, and some standard 'house flies' commenly seen around Johannesburg. I have included 2 pictures of these...


Imposter 'jozi house fly'


Imoposter 'fruit fly'


In previous literature I read that BSF Flies will 'dominate' other types of flies and prevent them from sharing the same feeding areas. In my case, I think these other flies had a head start, through laying eggs in the food scraps. Is there a way to kill off these other types of flies without interfering with the BSF Flies? In my thoughts the BSF flies would have laid eggs by now.


Newly emerged BSF fly.


Any tips, suggestions, or links suggested reading resources will be greatly appreciated!!


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