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It works! Drainage suggestion put into practice:

First, thanks to Jeff Kurtz for this idea! I posted my problems with leachate as a discussion in the Stackable Bin Group, and Jeff posted a picture and description that I tried out, with great success.
I drilled a hole in one of the corners of one of the tote lids, then put the lid on three milk crates. I put the bins on top of the lid. I put a small bucket under the corner of the lid that has the hole. The leachate drips into the small bucket. It's perfect! All I have to do is empty the bucket now and again. I originally had the bins balanced on some spare boards inside a larger tote, but that required sponging out the leachate on hands and knees, which was less than fun. This is so much easier! I'm definitely going this route again if/when I set up a second system. Thanks again Jeff!

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Comment by rom mendoza on July 27, 2009 at 7:57pm
Defininatly better than manually soaking up leachate. Glad you're happy with it. Next you'll be working on what's bringing all the moisture into your bin in the first place and trying to solve that. If you let it I'm getting the impression you'll never be satisfied with what you've done so far and want to do something different. I guess that's true of all hobbies.
Comment by Lisa Cota on July 27, 2009 at 8:19pm
I think the moisture was the ever-so-common newbie error of too much food and not enough bedding. I've paid specific attention to that in the second bin, and it's made a difference.
Comment by catherine daly on August 11, 2009 at 6:31am
Another suggestion for your leachate/ drainage bin is just the way you have it but include some loose dry bedding in the bottom bin. Any excess can still drain off, but you also collect leachate in your new bedding, which can then be added later to a new bin to start of your composting process. Or you can use sawdust (which breaks down more slowly and may be frustrating in a worm bin) and use it for your regular compost bin


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