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I can compost all our foodscraps and newspaper, but the grass, leaves, and twigs are too much for my worms. So I'm going to make a trash can composter to compost these separtely. Anyone made one of these?

Trash Can Composter Video

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Comment by Andrew from California on July 27, 2010 at 12:57pm
Brian, I made one of these for my sister using these instructions. I set it up for her to use as a pre-rot bin. She does throw in her garden trimmings (grass, leaves, etc.), which are fine for the worms after decaying a bit.

Don't get a trash can that is too big. They can get heavy. I chose a standard 33 gal. one from one of the big retailers. You may need 2 or 3 of these depending on the amount of yard waste you produce. If you put this bin in full sun and are diligent in adding water and tumbling it, this bin can produce nice compost relatively quickly.
Comment by Christy Welch on July 28, 2010 at 12:19pm
I did something similar, just on a smaller scale. I made a pre-composter out of kitty litter buckets. I have two of them that I fill with shredded paper/cardboard, UCGs, and all of our fruit/veggie scraps. When I want to feed my worms, I just grab a handful of stuff, let it cool, and then bury it in the worm bin. They seem to love it. I also put garden trimmings in mine. I don't have leaves and we have a mulching mower so not usually any grass clippings. I also shred stuff like paper plates (not messy ones obviously), cereal boxes, cracker boxes, paper bags, paper towels, etc. The amount of garbage that we put out to the curb now has been cut in half, which is nice!


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