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I make my own beer using a 10 gallon Igloo cooler, a 7 gallon stainless pot, and a 6 gallon fermenter. I have tried feeding the spent grains to my red wigglers several times but they always seemed to heat up on my -- A LOT.

I recently purchased some meal worms and decided to feed the spent grains to the meal worms. Meal worms need dry bedding so the grains had to be dried first. I had some left over so I fed some to my EF's and also to my EH's. I have noticed an interesting thing happening. Both worms are eating the grains. The EF's are eating around the edges, but the EH's are wallowing right in the middle of the pile. They are very active as well. They seem be imbibing quite heavily on the leftover grains.

My EH's have been finicky eaters to this point, but they definitely like the grains.

The EF's are eating the grains too and since I had to dry the grains on low heat in the oven for my meal worms, it's not heating up like usual.

I used to through the grains out. Now that I have meal worms, my beer making is a little more sustainable now. But before someone points out that drying the grains in the oven is spending valuable energy, to this point it's the only way I can dry them out quickly and efficiently.

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