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My EH experiment has yielded mixed results. They make some pretty nice castings, but they do not really multiply well for me. Don't get me wrong...they have multiplied, but nothing like EF's do. For comparison, I bought 1 lb of EH's last fall. They are not yet quite 2 lbs in mass. I got about a 1/2 lb of EF's from dad last May and now I have more EF's in mass than EH's, but I haven't actually weighed the EF's yet this year.

My EH's do not really compost large amounts either. They're picky eaters. My EF's eat almost anything you put in the bin. EH's seem to prefer to eat coir versus cardboard or newspaper.

I like that they are physically bigger, which makes them easier to sort. The castings are not as "fine" and are more "dense". There is also a characteristic to the castings that they don't get as wet and compacted, but I think that is more a function of the bin being dry compared to the EF bin because they don't eat as much.



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