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i found trails of casting all along the sides of my bin today. i guess the worms were upset about being transported to a new home and were trying to get back to where they came from, got to the lid, then turned back around and snuggled back up into the pile they were dumped in. the piece of newsprint i used to cover them up with was very damp. i don't think i will ever have to spray the inside of the bin again. it seems like the moisture holds exceptionally well in plastic.

i threw a tea bag in there, underneath the newsprint. i poked around the vermicompost to see if they had burrowed down yet, and there were still a lot of worms in there.

p.s. my boyfriend is really sick of hearing about worms.

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Comment by rom mendoza on November 28, 2009 at 3:21pm
Yeah, I think many of us get the same from our significant others ... this forum gives you the opportunity to talk worms and dirt with people who won't think you're weird. Wait till you start thinking one worm bin isn't enough ... or start scolding people for throwing out a banana peel ... or stealing your neighbors bag of raked leaves he left for the trash man just cause it's such a waste to let it go to landfill.
Comment by Nic on November 28, 2009 at 5:37pm
my mom is sick of hearing about worms too!!!!!
Comment by Andrew from California on November 28, 2009 at 8:11pm
From my limited experience, it seems the worms tend to explore the walls and ceiling of enclosed bins. Maybe it's because there's usually condensation that makes it easier for them to stick & climb vertically. They don't do that nearly as much on my flow through - no condensation to speak of on the walls above the level of the compost. So maybe your guys weren't unhappy, just going on a short walkabout.

One great thing about groups like this is you can talk all you want about the subject of interest and you'll always have a sympathetic ear. The "danger" is you might get sucked in even deeper and start doing some of the things Rom mentioned. :-)


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