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Been a while since I last posted here. Have really missed you guys. Had a huge change in my lifestyle, as I got a job in early Feb. Goin from not workin (out of my yard) for over 2 years to workin full-time is quite a time management challenge. The awesome part of this is the job is at a national small box hardware chain! My local store owner gives us everything they carry at cost (and shipping is free)! Now I can afford ALL the stuff I have been needing to make my home, yard and garden to operate more effectively and efficiently. The only problem with this is my paycheck is considerably smaller but the savings on quality items helps make up the difference LOL.

I have a lot of pictures to share *hopefully* within the next few days.  Am doin some "super recyclin" of items acquired in the past. Have on upright drink cooler with 3 double paned glass doors (now  called windows) that I converted into a mini hothouse. Now i have tomatoes almost a foot tall, some small straight 8 cucumbers, and a couple what I think are muskmelon seedlings that came up from the VC used in potting mix. Did construct a seive but 1/4" mesh still allows seeds to pass thru. Found some insect screening at the store with approx. 1/10" mesh that should allow only good VC to pass thru.

After many hours of brainstorms with myself, the decision was made to convert a 42" tall x  26" diameter portion of plastic driveway culvert to a FT with design based from the plastic trash can designs posted here. Am to the point of drillin holes for 1/2" round bar stock as base for false floor. Have 1/8" thick "solid" cardboard to use as false floor. It will take a while for this to decompose, but have enough VC from the 2 1/2 bins recently harvested to carry me thru.  Since the culvert is ribbed, am hoping to be able to build a coolin system for it using the small evaporator (coolin coils) and fan from the drink cooler hothouse. Have plans to remove the doors from the drink cooler to construct a smaller model hothouse with more glass for better control and accessibilty. Where am I to find the time to do all this???  LOL

Even tho our spring is being delayed by a few weeks by Mother Nature, am  starting a 5 gallon brew of VCT tonight to inoculate the garden and flowerbeds which hopefully will be planted very soon.  Ok, time for me to go and get ready for services. Will bbs with pics of ongoin projects. Any suggestions for improvement of my projects are positively welcomed.

Warm regards and wishing you all the best of successes in everything you do.


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Comment by George on March 31, 2013 at 9:44am

Welcome back Jay and congrats on the job.

Depending on the type of hardware store and your boss's attitude, you might be able to talk him into your putting together a display that would be promoting vermicomposting. Then maybe some references to what they could buy to get them started.

Sounds like a natural to me.

Good luck and happy Easter.

Comment by Jay on March 31, 2013 at 7:25pm

Thanks George! Hope urs was blessed.

 Boss is a different animal. He could care less, unless HE can make money on it lol Would be great for promoting, but neither her nor fellow employees show even a tiny bit of interest. Not a day goes by I don't do personal promoting tho. Maybe I can spur interest in the RIGHT customer.

Almost finished upright FT, maybe be done Wed. after work, depends on weather as my main working table is in the open yard lol When finished will post pics of the process of construction and some more of growing things :) Take Care


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