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Wake 'em up.

I've tried not to disturb the worms too much over the past few days but curiosity got the better of me today. I wanted to make sure they have an environment that is not going to harm them. The more I read about the do's and don'ts I began to worry that I may have some problems.Yesterday I pulled back the grass clippings and dug around the top couple of inches. I found a couple of worms that looked like they might be dead.but I wasn't seeing many of the worms and I thought the soil felt rather… Continue

Added by Vince Thompson on August 22, 2008 at 7:30pm — No Comments

The Worms Have Arrived.

Actually I went and picked them up as they were being harvested. One of the things I wanted to ask the worm farm is what they do to manage their worms in the winter time around here. Well, that was answered when I got directions to the farm. It is in an underground cave, one of the industrial sites where they've mined the limestone.

When I got back I put them in their new in their new home. It didn't take much time before they started diving below the surface. They were fun to watch.… Continue

Added by Vince Thompson on August 19, 2008 at 11:41am — 1 Comment

Finding my way around this site.

Trying to get everything set up in advance of the worm's arrival. I got the bedding rebuilt in a second tub after the swamp I created in the first tub.

I did post a topic in the forum yesterday at:

WWTAD - What Would the Amish Do

The grandsons are getting more interested in what I'm doing with the worms. My wife was teasing them saying that I was going to give them worms for… Continue

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Waiting For The Harvest To Come In.

I ordered worms today, the company said they will be harvested in a week or so. I know the experts suggest setting up the worm habitat several days in advance to getting the worms but I wanted them now. Meanwhile I'm waiting. That's probably a good thing, it will give me time to clean up the swamp I created in their plastic tub last night. While learning everything I need to know on the Internet, I missed the step that said to soak the paper and cardboard "then wring the water out before… Continue

Added by Vince Thompson on August 16, 2008 at 12:27am — 3 Comments



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