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Ex-Snia Compost Place

The compost place we were constructing is almost finished! Here you can see some photos of the bin, I donno how to call it as it doesn't have a bottom. You can also see the distance from the main building. But the space between will be full of tents this week. I hope we don't cause any inconvenient situations as we want to wait before adding worms.…


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"Growing veggies ain't soil science" by Gayla Trail from the Globe and Mail

The moment after I wrote my last post about how we want to heal the dirt in the garden of the ex-textile industry with compost, I've read the article of Gayla Trail, the creator of for the website of the Globe and Mail.

It's very interesting for who doesn't only vermicompost for the love of worms, but want also… Continue

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Critical Mass in Rome

This weekend between 29 and 31 May, cyclists all over the world will unite to ride their bikes in Rome, Italy. Critical Mass is born in San Francisco in 1992 and since then is repeated in 500 cities all over the world. In Rome, they ride together since 2004 and last year there were over 4000 cyclists. The cyclists who come from other cities or countries will spend the nights in Social Centers, occupied places with cultural events, labs, kitchens with social prices and of course free bicycle… Continue

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Attention Neighbors : Worms Wanted

I'm thinking about buying more worms, but the only place I've found in Italy sells at least 5000 worms for 50euro +30 euro for shipping. Does the shipping always cost so much? I've bought my first worms from a bait shop where you buy a punch of worms (I'm not sure how many there were inside the box but let's say 20-25) for 2,5 euro. It's about 15 times more expensive. If any neighbor of mine, can provide me a better price, I'd like to shop from vermicomposters.… Continue

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How did I start

Even if I don't have a steady garden, I'm used to check Gayla Trail's webpage yougrowgirl. The first time I ever saw a vermicomposting bin was, when I was checking her tutorials. Since then, some years have passed, I moved to my appartment with my boyfriend, where I'm free to experiment in gardening and recycling ideas.

When I saw… Continue

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