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October 2013 Blog Posts (7)

Shoe box experiment six.

Hi folks, it is time once more to check the shoe box as it is a another month gone by. They are very healthy and I am going to use it as a bed run for a possible client.

The bedding is needing to be changed next time, it has not changed quickly owing to the fact that it only needs a tablespoon of food every ten days averagely.…


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Planning and building a high volume flow through vermicompost bin.

I have to get serious in building compost. I need a lot of it. I also need a lot of mulch. I could use 300 cu ft between now (10/12/2013) and the first of the year. I cannot afford to buy it. I must make it.

My county quit their yard waste recycling service. I had been getting 6 pickup loads per year of their mulch to lay on my gardens. I hybridize daylilies as my retirement hobby in the hopes of it more than paying its way. I have breeder plants that stay in place 3 or 4 years. I…


Added by Daniel J Kline on October 12, 2013 at 11:43am — 6 Comments


It has been about a year since Mackenson and I were fortunate enough to get a handful of worms from a fellow vermicomposter (thank you Brenda). I am happy to say that the worm bin is still going strong after a year. Last spring we seeded our compost bin and garden with a handful of worms each. The outside compost bin turned raw material into compost faster than I have ever seen it do before. When I emptied it a week ago, there were thousands of worms in the compost bin. AMAZING.  We keep…


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Impressed Again

Well, I'm impressed again. And that may be therapeutic! LOL  So I was feeling tired yet restless and so failing to take a nap, I decided to check on my worm bag. I hadn't really bothered it since my Sept 15th post stating that I thought I had killed them. In that post I fed them a large meal of a block of frozen veggie scraps.

I felt the outside of the bag it it felt characteristically dry and crunchy, again fueling my direthoughts of doom, what have I done panic. I of course unzipped…


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I have just started growing cucumbers in my garden here in Israel where we have very strong sun. Each day the leaves droop terribly as if they are going to die. When the area becomes shady, or when night falls the leaves perk up again. Is this normal? If it is not, is there some way to prevent it?

The cucumbers are planted on small hills composed of compost and vermicompost. I give the Plants plenty of water and mulch.


Thanks for your…


Added by nachum hirschel on October 2, 2013 at 5:44am — 5 Comments

Earthenricher Flow-through bin

Yesterday I picked up an Earthenricher Flow-through bin from Richard Berkson. (clicking on underlined words/phrases will link you to the appropriate website) I'll start with some photos of the components and then describe how I am starting this wormery. I'll post occasional updates on feeding, maintenance and eventually harvesting.

The base of the bin is made from beautiful redwood. The…


Added by Andrew from California on October 1, 2013 at 4:00pm — 20 Comments


Hello, Ok daily thing but any of you comment with one worm food and i will see which one is the most popular so think of crazy ones and I will put those too. Thanks

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