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Well my life in the Navy is even more in limbo than it was the last year. I'm ineligible to reenlist in my rate due to medical conditions, so I've submitted a force conversion package. I'll either get picked up for another rate or told to seperate. Maybe it's just me, but since medical conditions incurred on duty have prevented me from doing the job I was trained for, I was expecting a medical separation, but no I have 7-10 days to reenlist or separate and can't reenlist. So I'm applying for a… Continue

Added by RJ_Hythloday on September 27, 2008 at 4:46am — 2 Comments


Hi all....well the results are in.....VT - 2, WATER - 0

I have two tomato seedlings that have made their appearance both on the VT side and on the same side for that matter. Not sure of the relevance of that but anyway.

I placed all the seedlings in a tray with the middle rows only getting water and the outside rows VT.

Only two have started growing. There are no results in any of the other rows, but as I mentioned in the first blog....the medium used was not… Continue

Added by Michael on September 26, 2008 at 6:30am — 4 Comments

Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia

My dear friends, I will be singing off for at least four days because our region is celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia. The whole region is celebrating and it is really very touching when men and women do their parts. The men are incharge of the transfer of the image from basilica to the Cathedral about three kl. on foot, then the women are having their procession at the dawn for three days also on foot. As you can see, Phil. is a catholic country and love very the Blessed Mother.… Continue

Added by Cleo Moreno on September 19, 2008 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

more on harvesting

Spent a great evening with my son and 2 of his buddies last night. We built a new "flow through" harvestor. Used a 5 gallon bucket, some 1/4 screen and a Rubbermaid type tub. They are all 19 now, and it was the most fun we have had since they where Cub Scouts. They where like little kids and couldn't wait to get it finished. And it worked great! I added some aluminum bars to the inside today at the suggestion of one of them. And that really helped to gently separate every thing. But trust me NO… Continue

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I bought a 210 litre plastic (pic is under my photos) drum a short while back. It had some serious alkaline fluid in that the guys doing civil work on the roads use. It was empty except for about 300 ml of fluid in the bottom. I cut the top off and then gave it a good wash and let it stand for two weeks to air out and so on. No smell or residue left so the modifications can start now. I will be drilling some holes in the sides, around the bottom and in the lid to provide some airflow into the… Continue

Added by Michael on September 16, 2008 at 8:39am — 2 Comments

EXPERIMENT -- VERMITEA VS WATER # 1 I have planted some tomatoe and green pepper seeds in a tray. The outside two rows are those that get the VT. The inner rows just got plain old water. The initial soaking to wet the potting soil down was a very very diluted VT. The seeds were planted in some of our left over potting soil which I must say is less than the best unfortunately. But that should give all the seeds an equal opportunity. Each compartment contains two seeds in case one of the seeds decides not to make it's… Continue

Added by Michael on September 12, 2008 at 6:30am — 3 Comments

Went on vacation for over a week and came back to happy worms!

I just returned this past weekend from a vacation back home to KS. My best friend, Jaimie, was getting married and I was in her wedding party. She was totally humored by the idea of me being a "worm farmer" and couldn't help but mention it to nearly everyone! It was too funny because for once, I wasn't the one talking it up. :)

The best part was when her hair designer (the one doing her wedding hair) turned out to be a vermicomposter, too! Jaimie and I were there for her consultation… Continue

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Todo: vermicomposting.

I am facinated by pioneer life and frugal living. The creativity required to be self sufficient is amazing. I am also somewhat astounded at the lengths that some people will go to in the persuit of saving a penny. Either lifestyle is hard work, but rewarding.

I can't say that I'm that creative or that frugal, Time, space and personal energy don't seem to allow for that. We have 4 kids, too much stuff and not enought house or property (We live in a 3 bedroom townhouse). Still, I like… Continue

Added by lynne on September 10, 2008 at 7:55pm — 1 Comment

My Vermikingdom

At last I have some people to help on this. I actually afraid of the worm before> I could shout to the top of my voice once I see a helpless worm when I plant. I was given the task to establish a vocational school for the poor farmers in our locality. Our soil is already infected by the synthetic fertlizers that I have to rehabilitate through organic fertilizers. I was told by my friends in the state agriculture college that the best fertilizer is vermiculture . and I was brought to their… Continue

Added by Cleo Moreno on September 9, 2008 at 7:30am — 5 Comments

Is it just me?

I know this is about the only place I can tell this story and get any understanding.

I last night I sent my friend a picture of the worm squirm. His wife saw it ant FREAKED OUT!!!

Seriously freaked out, she could not believe I would send such a nasty picture into her house. I couldn't believe it.

She acted as if it was porn. She has known me for 10 years and I thought she knew I raised worms. But OMG I could not believe that reaction. So whats the protocol now? How to I repent?… Continue

Added by John on September 6, 2008 at 1:32pm — 4 Comments

Just got some molasses.......

Well I have just returned from the health shop. Got a 500ml bottle of molasses so that I can try my hand at this tea making process. At the moment I have a airstone in some water that I want to dechlorinate before adding the worm poop. As soon as the wife gets home I will persuade her to part with one of her stockings with the argument that it is for the greater good of the garden:-)

I am hoping to brew about 17 litres of tea with some of my VC left over from the previous harvest.… Continue

Added by Michael on September 5, 2008 at 6:32am — 1 Comment

No more cabbage thanks

Well I fed the wiggly ones some shredded and cut cabbage leaves that I had frozen. I defrosted it at room temp and finally decided to feed them the food last night. Well this evening I went to check up on them and found that the cabbage was not smelling to fact, I grabbed the first spoon that I could find...luckily my wife didn't see me and took out as much of the shredded stink I could. Needles to say I through the smelly stuff away.

On a more positive note...I added a… Continue

Added by Michael on September 3, 2008 at 9:00pm — No Comments

fall harvest

This the first harvest from the bunch of free worms I found in my normally very hot outdoor compost-o-matic. I figured I should start the process of moving them indoors for the winter. I plan on building a flow through bin for them. That bin is still in the developmental stage, so I'm open to suggestions. I do have a plastic barrel so that a step in the right… Continue

Added by John on September 2, 2008 at 10:15pm — No Comments

Nightcrawlers from Bait to Bin

I tried to learn how to fish over Labor day weekend during a camping little camping trip at Clearlake State Park in California. After 2 days and about 6 hours of fishing I came up empty handed although my sister who was also just learning caught a 6 and a half pound catfish on her first cast!

In any case, the bait shop had set us up with a 2 dozen nightcrawlers and we only ended up using 6 of them.... leaving me with 18 leftover.... so I decided to toss them in a 1 quart plastic bin… Continue

Added by Steven Chow on September 1, 2008 at 10:25am — 3 Comments

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