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Meal Worm Questions
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Vermicomposting Tea for Lawn Care
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Interesting Approach to Worm Harvesting
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Profile Information

When did you start composting with worms?
March 1, 2009
How were you introduced to vermicomposting?
Wife's gardening catalog and internet searches
What do your worms like to eat?
They seem to like bell peppers, squash, and coffee a lot
What kinds of worms do you have?
EF's and Euro Nightcrawlers
What worm bins do you use?
Gusanito 5 tray vertical bin, homemade 10 gal plastic bin, homemade 64 quart plastic bin, seven 5 gallon buckets, and a large utility mixing bin.
How many pounds of garbage do your worms recycle each week?
At the peak it was about 7 lbs, but I sell a couple of pounds every now and then to pay for my worm hobby.
About Me:
I live in Belleville, Michigan. I started composting with worms in March 2009. I used worm castings in my yard, plants, flower beds, and vegetable garden.

I'm also in the organizational stages of developing a vermiculture business.

I recently built a backyard aquaponics system with two 100 gallon grow beds and a 210 gallon fish tank.

Grow Your Own Food

My newest ventures:


Home Business


Backyard Urban Gardening


Check back often for updates.


And one my oldest ventures:


BBQ Blog

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Bpearcy10's Blog

European Nightcrawlers Observation

I make my own beer using a 10 gallon Igloo cooler, a 7 gallon stainless pot, and a 6 gallon fermenter. I have tried feeding the spent grains to my red wigglers several times but they always seemed to heat up on my -- A LOT.

I recently purchased some meal worms and decided to feed the spent grains to the meal worms. Meal worms need dry bedding so the grains had to be dried first. I had some left over so I fed some to my EF's and also to my EH's. I have noticed an interesting thing…


Posted on March 16, 2013 at 4:56pm


My EH experiment has yielded mixed results. They make some pretty nice castings, but they do not really multiply well for me. Don't get me wrong...they have multiplied, but nothing like EF's do. For comparison, I bought 1 lb of EH's last fall. They are not yet quite 2 lbs in mass. I got about a 1/2 lb of EF's from dad last May and now I have more EF's in mass than EH's, but I haven't actually weighed the EF's yet this year.

My EH's do not really compost large amounts either. They're…


Posted on March 7, 2013 at 3:20pm

Getting Back Into Wormin'

I used to be very active here on the forum. I started small and expanded to another container and then another container and get the picture. But when we moved to Michigan I discarded about 8 lbs of worms in my backyard because I couldn't justify the space in my car for the trip.

As we progressed in the hobby I grew very fond of those black plastic mixing trays. They make a big one and a smaller size. I am partial to the larger size because they hold more worms, but they…


Posted on March 6, 2013 at 7:15pm — 4 Comments

Using Worm Castings in Hydroponics

I've been using vermicastings (i.e. castings from worms) in my deep water culture bubbler system for a couple of weeks on an experimental basis. The 2 lbs of castings are stored in a paint strainer bag and submerged in 9 gallons of water. The castings are generated by 1 lb of European Nightcrawler worms that compost my kitchen scraps and a large amount of coconut coir used as bedding material. The "bubbling" comes from aquarium air stones and an inexpensive aquarium air pump that aerates the…


Posted on January 28, 2012 at 7:00pm — 6 Comments

Eisenia Hortensis Update

It's time for an update based on my experience with the EH's.  I'll be honest, I'm disappointed.

I have been composting with worms for almost 3 years in my home.  I started with 1 lb of eisenia foetida and in a two year period I grew that amount to more than 19 lbs. I supplemented my composting efforts with rabbit manure purchased locally from a rabbit farmer to help multiply my worm population faster. If you have lots of worms you also need lots of food for them :-)



Posted on January 25, 2012 at 7:58pm

Comment Wall (17 comments)

At 7:31pm on April 6, 2009, Kelly DuLong said…
Glad to hear it's working! Good move, by the way (Florida). It just snowed all day today.
At 6:27am on April 23, 2009, Tiffany Sizemore said…
I used to have an indoor bin but then I moved it outside to the shed because my fiance couldn't handle the fact that there were worms in the house - haha. I think if you keep your worms in a shady cool spot outside it should be fine. You will have alot escape because they like to wander when they are outdoors. I have Red African Nightcrawlers - and when I bought them the lady said that they were the best type for Florida's heat and humidity. They really have been wonderful and they reproduce like crazy. Good luck with your new adventure! When I get to a bigger place I'll be trying a homemade outdoor let me know how yours goes!
At 9:18am on May 8, 2009, Brent Anderson said…
Well It sounds more technical than it is. I can shoot ya some photos later, but it will be a while as I'm out of town working..... I simply siliconed a piece of nylon screen over the drain hole; put a bucket under the hole to catch any few drops of lechate that may drip out; and a sheet over the top. The only thing that I did outside the norm is to line the bottom with neoprene air diffuser line (it seems to work way better than the traditional air-stones). A timer turns on the air pump for fifteen minutes about 18 hours a day. It works really well and the population is DENSE!
At 9:34am on June 6, 2009, Sue said…
have you converted your 96 gal tote to a worm home yet? I'm still looking for a cheap cart and am curious how you built/are going to build yours.
At 11:51am on June 6, 2009, Sue said…
Hi Brian,
Ah, forgot about your knee surgery. Hope it's getting along well.

I have "inheritted" 2 - 32 gal. Rubbermaid w. wheels but the wall seems so thin to me. It will be easy cutting but I am concerned that once cut out and drilled, if it will hold the weight's pressure of the grill. It might just rip unless probably some strengthening sleeve (?) is used around the drilled hole? I'm no engineer, this is just my thoughts.

We do have a 96 gal Schaefer which is being used for garbage for the past ..... I don't know, maybe close to 30 yrs. when it was subsidized by city hall. And yes, it does stand quite a beating. I was thinking that the thick wall will provide some protection from freezing come winter. I am planning to put it in the garage during the minus temp. Hate to think to heat up the entire garage full of stuff (not car) just for the worms. For the door cut-out I was going to drill a hole as a starting point to saw. I don't know the name of that thin saw (like a thick wire) but I'm sure you know which I mean. Eve's idea is very good, using the cut out piece by adding hinges and a hook. I think I will do the same (when I get the cheap cart)
The heating system she added looks very nice but I don't think I will go that route. TOO much work and more parts.

I have ordered 5000 EF cocoons from Blue Ridge Organics in NC. So, once they hatched and multiply, I will need something bigger than the WF and OSCAR Jr.
Can't afford buying that many worms. The prices here in Canada for worms are very steep.

At 12:29pm on June 6, 2009, bpearcy10 said…
Good luck with the cocoons. That should work well for you. The cocoons in my castings container have been hatching like crazy. In the past two days I've removed at least 40 juveniles without even looking hard.

My physical therapy is going well (I think). I was not expecting it to take this long though. I am just now walking without crutches (but not very well or straight).
At 8:16am on July 19, 2009, Sue said…
Hi Brian, how are your knees doing? Much better I suppose.
I have a question. If you are using 4 working trays, do you feed every one of them. Don't you have worms dangling from under each tray when you lift them to feed the tray below it, and having worms fall to the floor?
How many worms do you think you have in each tray? Looking at the picture you posted on June 7, you have quite a population there.
At 12:11pm on July 19, 2009, Sue said…
Thanks Brian.
Yeah, that's the thing with knees because they have to carry our body. So go easy on them, don't play soccer, foot ball and the likes, lol. Or tennis!

Duff Bromley is having trouble figuring out what to do with his 3000 worms and his new Gusanito. I don't have that problem (but one I don't mind having: too many worms) so what I suggested to him is just my idea. If you don't mind, I'll direct him to you. I'm not sure if you have been following his posts and the comments.

I'll wait for your approval before I contact Duff. Thanks Brian.
At 11:24pm on November 27, 2009, Janet Walker said…
Hello there, I suggest that you lo0k at the properties of Pineapple. I have only learned about the Bromelain from my well educated clients. The person who lost her worms left a whole pineapple, cut in half lengthwise on top of the worms for a couple of weeks. I DO think that bits of pineapple or skin will not significantly harm the worm box but I guess it would be better to compost the fruit first. i.e. let it decompose and then the microbes will be available to the worms. Jan.
At 6:07pm on May 11, 2010, Mark from Kansas said…
Where and how have you been?

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