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When did you start composting with worms?
December 1, 2008
How were you introduced to vermicomposting?
I've been hating to throw away food scraps, but don't have space nor inclination toward hot composting. I like worms they are cute. I StumbledUpon from the site. I love the simplicity of the idea and want to get started
What do your worms like to eat?
I've been bringing home coffee grounds from work, and house veggie refuse.
What kinds of worms do you have?
Red wigglers from Rainbow worms online
What worm bins do you use?
I recently sewed a small worm bag from a laundry bag to give flow through a try.
How many pounds of garbage do your worms recycle each week?
I'm not sure. I'm restarting in 2013 and I'm waiting for my 2lb of worms so we shall soon see.
About Me:
I'm a busy lady with a desire to garden and compost and do all the fun farmy type stuff.

Metqa's Blog

Impressed Again

Well, I'm impressed again. And that may be therapeutic! LOL  So I was feeling tired yet restless and so failing to take a nap, I decided to check on my worm bag. I hadn't really bothered it since my Sept 15th post stating that I thought I had killed them. In that post I fed them a large meal of a block of frozen veggie scraps.

I felt the outside of the bag it it felt characteristically dry and crunchy, again fueling my direthoughts of doom, what have I done panic. I of course unzipped…


Posted on October 4, 2013 at 11:05am — 4 Comments

I thought I had killed them, but

After spending weeks at a time at BF house helping with projects , and then another week gone for Labor Day weekend, and then working like a crazy bastard at all of my jobs and neglecting my home,.... I though I had killed my worms.

My bag felt dry on all sides. and it was crunchy. The food I had put in from the freezer had either been eaten or dried out on top. I began to mourn ( mostly I cursed in my head all of my friends and BF for keeping me away from home....) and I started to…


Posted on September 15, 2013 at 8:37am — 4 Comments


I went to a demonstration at our community center where a guy showed an anaerobic composting system called Bokashi.  Using microorganism impregnated bran flakes, it basically pickles the food scraps by allowing the target microbes to penetrate the food in an environment where it outcompetes other organisms in a tightly enclosed bucket.

After a month of  pickling, the scraps are then burried in the ground or fed to other organisms which break the scraps down into compost  in a…


Posted on August 1, 2013 at 3:04pm — 3 Comments


Okay, so yeah, this is not the mushroom growing board, but this situation is so close to my problem with vermicomposting I had to post.

So I've got some oyster spawn spawning in coffee grounds in various containers. One, a plastic shoe box with tiny holes( my former worm box) is spawning nicely, has high humidity and I see no problems. The rest of the oyster mushroom pack that I got I decided to try to go ahead and fruit it, so I soaked it in water, put it on a bed of coffee…


Posted on April 19, 2013 at 7:14pm — 5 Comments

Time>Money: Making my own flow through worm inn

Well I used to have more time, but now I have six jobs and no time, why isn't the money flowing in like a flood?

Anyway, I still don't feel free with my limited cash and I want to restart my vermicomposting.  i have the louvers to make a Awesome aerated worm bin but I'm skeptical about it still.  Then I saw an instructable with a flow through bag made of sewn felt and it seemed to work for folks, but it required building a wood frame and I don't have the tools. Nor do I have an Ikea…


Posted on February 8, 2013 at 7:33am — 70 Comments

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At 5:46pm on April 4, 2009, Metqa said…
Well, everything seems to be going well with the new bin bedding and all. I've fed them some frozen scraps and I found in my fabric scraps some burlap that I bought for some forgotten reason. So I cut a size of burlap, wet it thoroughly and placed that over the moist paper bedding. it's been a couple weeks and it appears that I did not transfer any fungus gnat larva with the worms and everything seems back to normal.

I did learn that no matter how sturdy your gallon size plastic bags are, the moment you put something in, or something in it goes bad, the seams will leak. It could be an old bag or new bag, and it will stand the test of time with fresh food, crafts, dirt, almost anything, but leave a new bag with old lettuce and a zucchini in it and it will leak to the farthest reaches of reality as soon as the stuff inside turns far enough to be really yukky. Se la vi!

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