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Is overfeeding a problem ?
18 Replies

The reason that I ask is that I have a lot of pumpkins gathering dust and rot from Halloween.I was thinking of slicing them up into manageable chunks and piling them across the top of my flow…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kenny Walters Jan 3, 2014.

I think I killed my bin again
35 Replies

I checked today to try and see where I am going wrong.Temps seem ok at 80f.Seems to be not too dry or wet.What I did differently last week was to add 2 new ingredients along with some partially…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sabrina Sep 21, 2013.

A large bug in my Flow Thru
4 Replies

I couldn't take a picture because it (they) were too fast.When I pulled back the brown paper sacks to see how things were after being gone for 2 weeks, I saw 2, cockroach looking bugs scurry for…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob Turner Jul 18, 2013.

The worms did this
13 Replies

I started a raised bed and since I have a hard time kneeling, I made it about 3' high.Well, as part of improving the soil I have been using some of my VC whenever tilling or planting new plants.In…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lynn Tillson Jul 10, 2013.


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George replied to Nemesis099's discussion Is this forum dead??
"Not dead. I check in every once in a while, usually when I need help. Mostly my bin has been thriving. I started following your Facebook videos and i like them a lot. Crystal clear and beautiful color. They are so realistic that I swear that I could…"
Oct 11, 2015
George replied to Charles Vannette's discussion Effectiveness of castings as fertilizer
"That is interesting Liz, thanks. I guess peat will no longer be part of my components."
Apr 15, 2014
George replied to Vanessa Fraley's discussion Ants in worm bin....
"I had just read about using grits but I have never tried it and the recommendation was for in the yard not the bin. These were fire ants so that might make a difference."
Apr 15, 2014
Patricia commented on George's blog post Do castings have a shelf life ?
"I think that unless you plan to use the tea right away, you probably have to keep it aerated to keep the beneficial bacteria from dying off.  I would suggest only making the amount that you are going to use right away or at least for 24 hours…"
Apr 6, 2014
Michael James commented on George's blog post Do castings have a shelf life ?
"so I make a aireted tea for my garden but it seems to keep going anaerobic after three weeks or so is there a way to keep it fresh longer?  I brew it for 24 to 36 hours and add molasses to it but it doesn't seem to help it stay…"
Apr 5, 2014
George replied to Charles Vannette's discussion Effectiveness of castings as fertilizer
"What do you think about using VC as a seed starting medium ? I started some seeds yesterday in a 50/50 mix of VC and Sphegnum. I am curious as to how well they do."
Mar 15, 2014
George replied to Miss Mitchell's discussion Homemade Bokashi recipes in the group Bokashi and Vermiculture
"That is interesting Patrick and it looks like it's a whole family affair. They have quite an assembly line going. However, in my wildest dreams, I cannot imagine drinking it. And thanks to Miss Mitchell are also in order."
Feb 15, 2014
Thomas Vincent replied to George's discussion Saving my scraps ? in the group Bokashi and Vermiculture
"It 's never a problem for us in the northwest... Of course it hasn't been above 60 degrees for several months. Lol Seriously, if you keep stuff cool, scraps take quite a while to go so bad you can't add them to a worm or bokashi…"
Feb 14, 2014
George added a discussion to the group Bokashi and Vermiculture

Saving my scraps ?

I am a newbie to bokashi and am at the step where I am about to make my serum and set it aside for 2 weeks to ferment.However I have started saving my scraps and I was wondering whether they would spoil while the serum ferments ?I really don't have any freezer space, at least if I want to keep being married. :=)See More
Feb 14, 2014
George replied to charles's discussion Can I compost El Paca Poo?
"I am pretty sure that it's Alpaca. Like a Llama only smaller."
Feb 13, 2014
George and Larry McLain are now friends
Feb 10, 2014
George replied to Itu Bogdan's discussion New to vermicomposting. Have a question
"Those are great reference links and thanks so much Dan. There is more there than just earthworms and 2 items really stuck with me. One was the name of this beastie. ===================== A new species of marine worm called Osedax…"
Feb 1, 2014
George replied to Claudia's discussion harvesting worm castings the easy way
"Interesting Claudia and I wonder why I didn't think of it. I think that I have seen some similar harvesting methods but this seems easier to me. Thanks for sharing."
Jan 27, 2014
George commented on Connie's blog post Are worms pets?
"Well, spaghetti can be the devil to remove if it dries. Try it. Take some soft spaghetti and dump it on the sidewalk outdoors and let it dry. In our case it was like it was almost welded to the sidewalk and a booger to get off."
Jan 10, 2014
George commented on Patrick G. Perry's photo

July 2013 Garden

"Those look very healthy Patrick considering how densely packed they are. Nice work."
Jan 8, 2014
George replied to stefaan walleghem's discussion eisenia hortensis too prolific
"Curious and interesting. Thanks for mentioning it."
Jan 8, 2014

Profile Information

When did you start composting with worms?
July 6, 2011
How were you introduced to vermicomposting?
What do your worms like to eat?
Everything so far
What kinds of worms do you have?
Red fat ones
What worm bins do you use?
Custom built flow thru.
My Map Entry URL:
About Me:
Retired programmer/analyst and a collector of vintage fountain pens. The worming is not so new, I had the "Worms eat my Garbage" stuff and was doing well with it until I had to travel. SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) was not too keen on keeping it maintained.
This will be my 2nd goaround.

George's Blog

Kudos to Worms Etc.

These folks are great and I wanted to pass along a recommendation.
I ordered a lb on 2/11, it was shipped on 2/12, and arrived on 2/14.
A big, fat sack of healthy, vigorous worms.
So, if you're looking for some, give them a try.
No connection, etc, etc., just a satisfied customer.

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 1:49pm — 1 Comment

My Winterizing and Persimmons

This is what I did to keep my squirmies warm and toasty. It has a 75w bulb. They loved it and I always found them huddled near the top of the pile. The temps dropped down into the 30s and stayed there for about. a week.

I also am trying persimmons for the 1st time. These are the Asian variety that are meant to be eaten soft. I think they are Hachiyas. Delicious when ripe and squishy but these had gone too far.

I am not sure if the worms are going after the…


Posted on January 11, 2013 at 7:58am — 3 Comments

Question re new worms coming next week.

I had a Gusanito and got the urge to build a FT so I bought the plans for a VermBin24 and it's all together.

I migrated what I had in the Gusanito to the VB24 and I need some more worms. The VB24 seems to hold a lot more plus the worms that I had left in the Gusanito had been diminished by an attack of fire ants.

I ordered a lb of worms from Red Worm Composting and they should be here next week.

Can I just put them in the VB24 cause that's what I am planning to do…


Posted on March 6, 2012 at 9:47am — 15 Comments

Do castings have a shelf life ?

I found an opened bag in the garage that must be at least 3 years old.


Is it still usable,or should I just discard it.




Posted on August 1, 2011 at 10:26am — 5 Comments

Comment Wall (10 comments)

At 12:51am on September 18, 2011, angie heim said…

Hi George.

Thanks for the welcome.

Regards, Angie

At 3:07pm on October 18, 2011, Ar-Pharazon said…
Haha, I like your hex dump avatar.  Old school!
At 5:16am on June 22, 2012, Jay said…

Thanks for the friendship add George! Very much appreciate your comments on my pics. Bin creatures would be flash blind if I took as many as I wanted lol

At 5:17pm on July 10, 2012, Howard Hopper said…

Hi George, I'm working on a pre composter inspired by James Bates. Within the week I should have some pics of this; however the statistics of the process will lag with the time it takes to prove or disprove the process. I will keep you in the loop, look for posts. Thanks for your comment. Hey gotta protect us tin foils. I have a una gata, and she looks at me like I need tin foil. But I am far beyond needing tin foil, Hell I'm here, aren't I.  

At 5:30pm on July 10, 2012, Howard Hopper said…

Sorry George confused you with someone else. This site and the methods are new to me. I'll keep you in the loop, watch for new posts, I'm presently working on a horse/cow manure digester (pre composter ), inspired by James Bates. Hope to have pic soon. Luego H.

At 9:45am on July 14, 2012, Mike malinauskas said…
Thanks George I live in southern ca and I think this will help my aquaponic interest. I have always been feeding worms my table scraps since I lived in Argentina an have noticed the value of worms. I previously used no
fertilizers at all for my dirt vegetable garden. Thank you for the welcome.
At 7:00pm on January 4, 2013, Allison Jack said…

Thanks for helping promote our project George, there has been a lot of excitement about vermicomposting stemming from the NY Times article, so it is a good time to get the word out!

At 12:49am on January 6, 2013, Allison Jack said…

Hey George,

Right now the most complete video and photo compilation is on my blog:

From there I link to our old Cornell project outreach page which has some of our posters from outreach events and scientific meetings, some extension reports on the nutrient management angle of the project and links to project funders, participants and other vermicompost resources.

I finished my dissertation in August, waited on some additional chemical data until November and am finishing up the manuscript now. Once we submit it to a journal it will likely go through another series of revisions. So it could be a while until the main paper is out (and then I have to work on the other papers!). I do have a pdf of my dissertation, but since the data have gone through the defense process, but not an official peer review, I want to wait until the paper is out to share the meat of the project with everyone.

I'm always interested in getting new sustainable agriculture and vermicompost projects up and running. I'm also doing a fundraising campaign for the farm I direct, Prescott College Jenner Farm, so I love being introduced to "big wigs". I will say that poultry manure is not really suitable for vermicomposting (thinking of Tyson), but pass my name along for sure. You can find my contact info on my faculty page at Thanks!

More info about our current fundraising campaign. We're in a staffing and infrastructure building mode for our new (2 year old) 20 acre teaching and research farm in Skull Valley. 

At 8:02am on June 2, 2013, Beth WA said…

Thanks for the welcome! :-)

At 11:13am on August 6, 2013, Bonnie said…

You, too, George!  Since the weather delays, I'm going to set up a small bin with some juniors and stimulate reproduction.  Maybe you can have a pop explosion after they arrive. 

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