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When did you start composting with worms?
May 17, 2008
How were you introduced to vermicomposting?
2008 Maker Faire - San Mateo Recycle Works Display
What do your worms like to eat?
What don't they like to eat? :) I feed them all the ends and trimmings from the veggies that my husband and I prep for dinner. They also get the flowers after I enjoy them and all my plant clippings. My co-workers donated banana peels that the worms have gobbled up. And I also give them non-meat leftovers like rice.
What kinds of worms do you have?
Red Wigglers and some funny yellowish colored worms
What worm bins do you use?
I have THREE Wriggly Wranch stacking bins
How many pounds of garbage do your worms recycle each week?
5-10 depending on the types of food and the temperature outside
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About Me:
Orignally from Kansas, I was very active in recycling and reusing. I participated and helped organize recycling at the dorm that I lived in at the Univ. of Kansas. When I moved to California in 2003, I was so excited about how easy it is to recycle here. Back home, we had to collect everything and drop it off at the recycling center. Here in Cali, I just put it in the right bin and wheel it out! I've wanted to do more with my leftovers and the idea of worms eating what I don't eat was perfect! I attended a local composting workshop and acquired my worms.

My herd has gotten large enough that I am able to sell some. Please message me if you're interested in purchasing worms.

Original Wriggly Wranch

Expansion with another Wriggly Wranch

My worms' bedding

One of my worms

More worms

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Amy's Blog

New home and getting settled

It's been awhile since I updated. Since my last post, my husband and I had gone on a house hunt and we were lucky enough to find something nice that we could afford. So then came all the packing, moving and unpacking. Plus there was tons of work that needed to be done with the house including putting up siding, installing tiles on the front porch and trying to rebuild a garage. Did I mention that the house came with a good spot of yard and plants? Or course, all that takes time to care for,… Continue

Posted on August 4, 2009 at 11:31pm

Went on vacation for over a week and came back to happy worms!

I just returned this past weekend from a vacation back home to KS. My best friend, Jaimie, was getting married and I was in her wedding party. She was totally humored by the idea of me being a "worm farmer" and couldn't help but mention it to nearly everyone! It was too funny because for once, I wasn't the one talking it up. :)

The best part was when her hair designer (the one doing her wedding hair) turned out to be a vermicomposter, too! Jaimie and I were there for her consultation… Continue

Posted on September 11, 2008 at 9:30pm

Still worming away!

Life outside of worm herding has kept me too busy to update my blog on a more current basis. My worms are seriously multiplying like crazy! I have 2 fully functioning worm bins and a 3rd psuedo-worm bin that's taking care of excess food. I also set up a compost pile for the non-worm friendly veg material but that's looking a bit sad since I lack the leaves for it right now. When the leaves all fall from the tress in a few months, the compost pile will look much better.

I've… Continue

Posted on August 3, 2008 at 7:48pm

More Craigslist finds = Expansion!!!

Friday was a big day for me. I noticed a listing for free compost that included WORMS!!! And I also had a person contact me about letting me have some wire fencing material to make a mesh compost container. I made appointments to pick up later that day and made sure I remembered to grab my extra Wriggly Wranch from my office. So Friday after work, I drove by Mt. View to grab the fencing and then to Redwood City to pick up the Rubbermaid compost container filled with twigs and leaves and… Continue

Posted on June 23, 2008 at 8:34pm — 1 Comment

Trying to turn my worms into miniature Popeyes

My husband and I managed to let a whole bag of spinach go rotten in the fridge. Bad for us but great for the worms. So last Saturday, I buried all the spinach into the bedding. Whenever I cook spinach, it always gets soft and floppy in no time, turning a large pot of raw spinach into a manageable, edible amount. Well, as of yesterday, that darn spinach hasn't gone away! I was sure that the moist environment would help break it down! The worms are swarming all around the green stuff but it's… Continue

Posted on June 18, 2008 at 11:41pm — 1 Comment

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At 11:25pm on May 30, 2008, Steven Chow said…
Thanks for the comment. I'm actually new to vermicomposting as well. I've had my wriggly wranch for about 2 months now and my worms for 3 months total. It is been really great meeting all these other folks here who vermicompost and reading about how their worm bins are going. I had no idea there would be so many people who were passionate about vermicomposting when I set up that map a couple weeks ago. I was mainly curious to see if anyone else was even out there!
At 2:25pm on December 11, 2011, Jeff Muzio said…

Hello Amy, my name is Jeff. I also live in San Mateo and am interested in worm farming/composting. On your page it says you are willing to sell worms to people trying to get started. If this is still true I would love to source some Red Wigglers from you. I am just starting a new bin in 14 gal rubbermaid containers. Over time I want to get some flow through bins and up my production, but for now it is baby steps. 

I hope to hear from you when you get a chance, happy holidays.

At 2:58pm on December 11, 2011, Jeff Muzio said…

That is great! Would you be willing to sell up to 1000? Or is that too much for you? Either way I am interested. Thank you.

At 4:29pm on December 13, 2011, Amy said…

Hey Jeff!  I'm pretty sure I can do 500 but 1000 might be a stretch.  I'll have to check my herd to see how their numbers are. I'll let you know soon!  -Amy

At 4:46pm on December 20, 2011, Jeff Muzio said…

Thank you amy

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