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Cedar Flow Through with heating tubes

Cedar Flow Through with heating tubes

A culmination of ideas from several others FT bins.

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Comment by Don Dillon on July 5, 2010 at 4:59am
I hope my worms don't have internet access, cause they would be seriously jealous of this ;)

Great job, Larry. Beautiful FT. If you haven't already filled with bedding, I would add a bunch more of those
hose fastening clamps to the system. I think you may run into problems with the tubes being drug down
with the bedding as it compresses. Especially if the bedding is wet and mucky, it will cake onto the tubes and
pull them down as it move to the bottom.

Also, I really wish I had left a lot more spaceing between the bars on my FT. like 2" or so. I was amazed at how the stuff holds together above the bars and will take some digging and scratching to get it too fall as desired. If only we started our projects with the experience we have after they are done ;)
Comment by Gardener Larry on July 5, 2010 at 7:56am
Thanks for the nice comments Don. My wife asked why I was laughing so hard when I read it. These are not the completed pictures. There is a layer of landscaping fabric between the hoses and the area that will house the worms. Also not pictured is a thin plastic coated steal cable that I slid between the side panels just above the grate. I looped it outside the box as handles. I once saw that in the large scale harvesters that they use a bar to scrape the bottom inch or so. This will allow me to do the same thing. I'll see about adding a couple more pictures later today.
Comment by Eileen Baney on February 23, 2014 at 9:50am

I know this thread is 2 years old so I hope you still check your messages. I  did vermicomposting some years back but lost all my worms due to heat. Didn't know any better then. I am starting my organic vegetable garden and would love to try vermicomposting again. I'd like to build one made of wood. I have some cedar boards already and have a basic idea of how to build the box until I come across this website showing a flow through bin. Do you have a step by step guide on how to build it? I'm more of a picture/diagram kind of peI would appreciate it very much if you could share with me the how to so I can build my own bin. I may not need it heated since I have a greenhouse that I can keep the bin in the winter. Plus I live in Florida where we usually have a mild winter. 

thanks in advance


Comment by Andrew from California on February 23, 2014 at 10:56am

I'm not sure if anyone has any more detail than what Larry posted here, but the link below is a collection of dozens of flow-throughs of various sizes:

List of DIY Flow-Through bins

Comment by Gardener Larry on March 5, 2014 at 12:32pm

Eileen - Glad I check back every so often. The bin you are looking at was my first attempt. I later rebuild it with a better inner liner and better insulation. You should look at this one:

I do not have a step by step as I am kind of handy and created a drawing with my teenage daughter and built from that. I will say that I did insulate and the 3 inner walls are made of a corrugated plastic, and 1 inner wall that is Plexiglas That I got from Home Depot.

In between the cedar outer panel and the plastic inner walls I packed in natural fiber insulation. I have my bin in the garage so I have more problems in the winter heating so I use a reptile heating cable. During the summer there are times when the bin gets too hot due to ambient temperatures. I state it in this manner because overfeeding could also generate a lot of heat but that heat is generated inside the bin and is harder to rectify.

When I had heat issues because of ambient temperatures I would freeze a 2 liter bottle of water and laid it on top of the inside of the bin. Since it was insulated it acted a bit like a cooler.


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