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New Signup Process is a social networking community for people who have a worm bin or compost with worms or for people who are thinking about getting started and want more information.  There are 4 features of this community that I would like to point out to help you get started ([1] email notifications, [2] your own worm journal, [3] invite friends, [4] welcome new members).

[1] email notifications
- is a little different than a standard email message board.  In order to keep the number of unwanted emails going to your email inbox to a minimum, does not automatically send you emails when new discussions are started or when new messages are posted to the forums Instead you can select which specific discussions you are interested in and want to receive emails about by clicking on the link at the bottom of the discussion. Find out more here.

In addition to manually selecting arbitrary discussions to follow you can set up the site to automatically follow discussions that you have participated in (i.e. that you have replied to) by going to your "My Settings" page:

Turning this setting on is very handy.  You get email notifications for discussions you reply to so that you can keep up to date with what is going on with the discussion thread.

[2] your own worm bin journal/diary/blog If you are like some worm binners you think about your worms a bit more than you probably want to admit.  This feature lets you jot down any of your thoughts or experiences you have from day to day no matter how small (or often) and that is "ok".. since we're all vermicomposters here... you don't have to worry about boring anyone here, besides even the smallest details in your experiences may prove helpful for newbies getting started or entertaining for others so don't be shy or worry if any detail is too small/silly (for example, here is my worm journal).  To get started just click here and jot down some of your thoughts.

[3] invite your friends - is a social network which allows you to add your friends and meet more people in the vermicomposters community.  So please let anyone you know who vermicomposts about and make sure to use the "Add Friend" feature to add them to your friend list once they join.  Since we don't have a lavish advertising budget (or any at all) basically the only way the community will grow.. is through our members. Here is what the "My Friends" looks like on your profile page:

[4] welcome new members - This is meant to be a fun and friendly forum to meet other vermicomposters so don't be shy...   Every once in a while in the "Latest Activity" you may see that a new person has joined if you see this you can click on the persons name to find out a little more about them and go ahead and click on "Leave a coment" and post a little comment on their profile to say hi and welcome them to the site!

For that matter feel free to comment on anyone's profile you find interesting!  Browsing the list of members is a fun way to find out who else is out there.

There are lots of other fun community features... so have fun exploring and please let me know
if you have any questions.


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