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  • Alberta Wormers!

    3 members Latest Activity: Jun 6, 2014

    We are here in Alberta. We are surrounded by oil field, trying to repair only a small amount of the damage made. Not everyone here is excited by…

  • CGCI

    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 15, 2014

    California Garden Clubs Inc is a state-wide federation of garden clubs and plant societies representing more than 20,000 California gardeners.…

  • castings in the garden

    18 members Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2014

    this is for people that use worm castings in the garden to grow anything.

  • kentucky worm farmers

    9 members Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2014

    this is just for worm farmers in Kentucky.

  • East African Vermicomposters

    8 members Latest Activity: Apr 11

    I am setting up this group to link vermicomposters and worm people in east Africa. I am presently working on a worm based sanitation system with…

  • Bokashi and Vermiculture

    35 members Latest Activity: Mar 1

    Vermiculture using Bokashi for pre-composting and increasing nutrient availabity.

  • Madagascar Wormers

    5 members Latest Activity: Oct 23, 2014

    This group is to provide an area for anyone working with worms or vermicomposting in Madagascar. So that we can share experiences and ideas.

  • Solar Power for worm farms...ideas and techniques

    29 members Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2014

     Planning on running any solar power to your worm bins or farm? Discuss it here!

  • What worms are in your compost pile?

    28 members Latest Activity: Jan 23 For those of us that have on ground compost with volenteers.
    Species if able to identify them.
    Size, color, physical description,…

  • folks that work with Lumbricus rubellus

    25 members Latest Activity: Nov 6, 2014

    a red composting worm, that at times has been called red wrigglers, red wigglers. depending on what source you use the physical discriptions vary…

  • Orange County Vermicomposters

    14 members Latest Activity: Jun 6, 2014

    And yes - if you are from L.A., you can join as well!  :-)

    This group was started simply because I did not see anything specific for Orange…

  • Toronto Vermicomposters

    7 members Latest Activity: May 22, 2014 A group to promote and discuss all the great things about vermicomposting. Where people of the Toronto area can discuss the different methods of…

  • Wormcity

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec 21, 2013

  • Coffee Ground Vermicomposters

    154 members Latest Activity: May 1

    All those who feel like adding coffee grounds to their worm bins or who collect and make use of Coffee Grounds are welcome…

  • Worming for the World

    35 members Latest Activity: Jul 22, 2014

    We all worm for different reasons. This group is for anyone who wants to discuss the environmental angle of vermicomposting. Share your thoughts…

  • New England Wormers

    45 members Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2014 A worm discussion group for New Englanders

  • worms for fun

    7 members Latest Activity: Nov 11, 2013 this group is for poeple who dont raise worms for castings or bait this group is for people who raise them as a hobby

  • Farmers Market

    76 members Latest Activity: Nov 6, 2014 A Group to discuss all things worms, and related issues at Farmers Markets.



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