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We find a thin layer of "ghost" teabag stays behind in the compost, apparently used to heat seal the bags. Only a few brands don't have this. Yet another source of pollution building up in the soil!

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That's interesting! The ones from Starbucks (the china green tips kind) are a different kind of material too, is that the kind you're referring to? I just threw a few of them into my flowthrough, it'll be interesting to see what comes out the other end!

What brand are you using? I alternate between Lipton & Luzianne, using their family -sized bags for iced tea, caffeinated, and the only thing I find left is the staples.....  Except, now that you mention it, recently I've been finding the strings... Wonder if those are now synthetic?


Wonder if writing the tea bag company would make any difference? Sometimes companies find that China has added ingredients they never authorized into their products. Take Victoria's Secret and the formaldahyde bras that were making women sick! Or the poison dog and cat food. Or the lead-painted children's toys. Hmmmm. You're using which brand???

Actually, I always rinse the stiffener out of my tea bags before using them, because an engineer at Battelle Institute (where I used to work, back in the day) said the stiffener, in his opinion, shouldn't be in the marketplace, that it wasn't healthy at all.
It would be so exciting, and a definite 'chalk one up' for vermicomposters, if a manufacturer was caught using materials not authorized, by a VERMICOMPOSTER!!!!




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