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I want to start but having a hard time deciding Indoors or outside. Summer temps are so high. Thought I might get some tips.

Also can anyone explain what vermaplex actually is?



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Hi Rick.  I'm in San Antonio.  I was in northern AZ for 10 years so I'm wondering the same thing, about dealing with summer temps.  I spent about 18 months in Lubbock finishing up my degree.  The nice thing about that area is that it usually cools off at night.  And if it's not humid, a swamp cooler works well. 

I keep all my worms inside, it's just easier.  But I'm thinking if you went with outside make sure it's 100 percent shade.  A worm trench or some set up with it partially buried in the ground would probably work well (no fire ants there, right?) and water frequently to get that evapo cooling going.

I have no idea what a vermaplex is.


It does? lol Yes you are correct to some extent it does cool off some at night.

See I want to do a 5 gal.container system or systems that I can do more with. Inside I dont have very much room and outside is better but then their is the heat factor. 100% shade would need to be made and can still be dang hot in the shade. 

So guess my plan for bigger and better needs to be toned down a bit. LOL


Rick, I'd point you towards Heather Rinaldi of Texas worm ranch.  She's in Dallas and has some outdoor worm beds.  She's here on the forums, so just search her name.




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