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Anybody else as happy to see a few days without rain, snow, sleet or freeze?!

This has been the craziest winter!  I am in Dallas and quite a few of my customers lost power for 3-4 days in the record snow storm last month.  A couple of them seem to think they have lost their worms (basically they were scared to look after the power outage)...I don't know, I told them to hold on and look deeper in their bin once the weather was warmer. Mine were in the unheated garage and outdoor trenches and did fine! Anybody else lose worms from the cold?

While my worms have done well, both in the outdoor trenches and the bins in the garage, I think I would have some faster composting and faster reproduction with weather in their preferred temp zone.  At the same time, they have been growing in size and laying lots of cocoons, despite the cold.  I have lots of worms, if anybody is needing some. 

Here is hoping for an extended and lovely spring!

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Hey Heather I am so ready for the winter to end even though I live futher south (Port Arthur). The rain has just really turned swamp in my yard. Good thing my house sits on piers, bad thing mosquitoes will be horrible soon. My squirms are in a bin inside the house, temp in house stays at 60 my bin is at a constant 77. I just started getting an old fridge ready so I can get 5 lbs of squirms. I am now on week 3 with the inside bin that holds 2 lbs and for the past 2 days I keep finding a runaway on the carpet, so tossing them back in, I hope I am doing the right things for my bin. Have a great Squirm Day
David, that sounds great--the fridge should work well. These worms like to explore when they are introduced to a new environment, it usually takes a few weeks to adjust. You might try leaving on a light in the room they are in, that should keep them home until they adjust. Also, adding something really worm "tasty" like some melon or winter squash might make them think they need to stick around at the buffet.




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