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I am expanding and adding more bins next month. I will be splitting the bins next month for the reds and just split the africans last week. I will start with the web site and have worms for sale in January 2014.


If you were limited by amount of space you can use for the worms, which would you invest your money and time in? Reds or ANCs?

I personally dont see why people that sell both charge premium prices for ANCs. They both require the same amount of work.

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simply a supply and demand thing for me, the more people learn about Africans the more they like them, 

Not sure if the people in cold climates would want to heat the Anc's to keep them alive.

Not sure what your setup is but if using a garage you could build something sort of like this to conserve space. Bins/beds take up alot of floor space.

My bins are all kept outside. I already have built 1 shelving system that holds (24) of the small concrete mixing bins. Im in the process of building another one so I can split the existing 24 bins of Reds. I will be adding additional shelving and bins in the next several months.


Very nice! You've done a great job, I like it. If I had anc's they wouldn't make it outside in a Georgia winter.

I know what your saying about Georgia winters. I lived in Augusta for about 7 years. my mom is still there. I dont miss the weather, but the state is bueatiful.

Small world, I live 45 miles from Augusta. The winter is nice but the summer is awful, hot and humid.




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