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I'm Harry Hopkins and I am the inventor of the Brockwood Worm Shi*fter. This machine works especially well with the UNCO African Night Crawler system. When compared to hand sifting the Worm Shi*fter will take a 40 hour job and cut it down to 4 hours. This is the first single pass flat bed sifter with a 3 way separation of worms, cocoons and castings. There is a lot of information on my web site (link above).

I'm currently supplying the worm sifter with two screens, one for night crawlers and one for red wigglers. we are working on a method of double screening to allow us to collect red worm eggs.

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My husband and I watched your video last night. Both mesmerized by the Worm Shifter. Great invention that made the most sense and wasn't as intimidating as the others. Saving up so we can place an order in the near future. Thanks for being creative! :D

Things seem to be going well in the vermiculture business, I have shipped three Worm Shi*fters already this week. Give me a call at 812-837-9607 and we can talk. I generally have a machine ready to ship within one day of order confirmation. Visit my web site for more information.




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