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Getting a lot of information and meeting a lot of good people at this years Vermiculture Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Speakers include: Rhonda Sherman/NC State University, John Birnbaum/Michigan State University, Tom Healthy/Worm Power, Norman Aancon/ University of Hawaii-Hilo, Ron Alexander/ Alexander & Associates North Carolina, John Stewart/The Worm Farm, California.

Getting a lot of valuable information and some great networking. Approx. 120 people attending from all over the world.

If you have the time I would suggest everyone attend next years Conference. Well worth the time and the money. Great topics and speakers.


Keith R.

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This sounds great.  Who sponsors the conference and how can I get information?

NC State University's one and only Rhonda Sherman.  She has a wealth of info for aspiring worm farmers and devoted much time and effort to promote vermicomposting:

More focus was given to pre-composting...Composting (hot composting) beforehand to reduce pathogens, weed seed and reduce possible thermal issues that kill worms. There is a conference upcoming shortly (mid-Sept. 2014) that focuses exclusively on composting which would help vermicomposters too.

Rhonda Sherman with North Carolina State University is the Sponsor. She has been running this annual Conference for all 15 years.

There is a Proffesional Group on Linkedin dedicated to Vermicomposter.

There is going to be a push to start a Vermiculture Association possibly under the Garden Clubs non-profit umbrella.

This was a fantastic conference! Make sure you attend next year. :D




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