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I finished my FT bin last night, finally. My worms have moved in and appear happy! I had to work today, so, I can't post any pics yet. I hope to post them soon! Along with my modifications, see if you approve.

Rebecca =)

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Congrats, Rebecca! You already received the most important approval of all...happy worms. Look forward to seeing pics.
Nice! Ditch work and take some pictures!
I'm with Steven.
Ok, I will end the suspense! Here are my photos.
I couldn't figure out how to post between the photos on this one, give me time. I used a furniture dolly and 1 sheet of 5/8 CDX plywood, the rubbermaid bin was the perfect size! I didn't want to have to prop the lid up, so I cut the sides and the front shorter than the back and the found 1x4 supports. I added screen to the gaps to help with any bugs that might find my bin. No, there isn't a bottom. I ran out of ply, I do have some of the plastic wall panel, but I thought that I would risk it. The rubbermaid bin fits tight, and I am putting it on a tile floor. Yay!!!
Alright! You could just put a cardboard sheet on the bottom to catch any stray bits of VC. Did you take any interior shots when it was empty? What did you put inside (bedding, worms, etc.)? Let me know what the internal (above the grating) dimensions are and I'll add it to the FT list. the "ham" genes come from you or your husband?
I like the cardboard idea! Ok, here goes:
Back 39x30 1/4
Front 28x30 1/4
Sides 17 1/4x29
Frame 39" tall
Collection chamber 10"
Grate to top of side panel 25.5"
PVC spacing 4 1/4" on center

I had originally wanted to put all the plywood around the furniture dolly, but I would have been 1/4" short on the sides, so I put the back piece with the outer edge flush with the edge of the dolly to shorten the amount of wood needed for the sides. I used 1/2" PVC because I drilled the holes out to 7/8" (the biggest paddle bit I had) too small for 3/4" PVC, but it seems pretty strong. Thanks Rock! I used hot glue on the PVC to hold them in. One little mistake, I was going to "skin" the dolly with plywood, so I dropped the sides down to screw them to the dolly, that made my sides 1/2" too short, or my front is 1/2 inch too tall. In any event, I was hoping not to have to prop the lid open, I thought that this was a good compromise. We designed this on the fly, and made some mistakes, but I think it turned out really well. I have to say that I'm pretty proud of it anyway.

I used several cardboard boxes that my "ham" and I soaked and ripped up, that wasn't enough, so we tore up a stack of newspapers. Still not enough, so we have a bale of moldy straw, we added some of that mixed it in and then dumped the worms on top. I followed it with some damp burlap 4 inches of ripped dry newspaper and a layer of dry burlap (to keep those pesky fruit flies out). I was really glad to see that my worms had been hard at work and I had a decent amount of VC in their little hotel room.
Rebecca =)

P.S. I think the "ham" genes come from my side of the family. LOL
Ok, you're in at the 58 gal. mark. Let me know if my math is off.
DIY Flow Through bins

That's a good sized bin and I can see why you had to get more material to add. The worms are going to love the straw. I wonder if you could loosely sew a burlap pillow case to fit inside your bin. Stuff it with torn (or just balled up) dry newspaper. That would make it very easy to remove the "pillow" when you need to add food, moisture or just take a peek at the squirm.
Your math is better than mine! I have forgotten most of my math over the years. The burlap pillow is a great idea. That would make things a lot easier. They seem to really like the moldy straw, and without the straw it would have been another day or two until I could have been able to find enough bedding material to fill in the bin.
Rebecca =)
I didn't until you mentioned it. LOL I couldn't see it in the pictures, I had to go look at it. =) Good eye!
Rebecca =)
Very well done! I wish I had space for something so big. I really like the removable catchment, that will make life so much easier down the road I am sure. I don't think you need another sheet of ply or even cardboard under it, it looks like a great fit with the RM tray. The little-engineer looks pleased too, clip board in hand :)
Thank you. It is bigger than I thought it would be, but I think it will work out great. The rubbermaid bin fits perfectly, I was really surprised to see one that was "made" for my project. The amount of space between the grate and the catchment is enough that I can harvest with a rake with ease. My little engineer was tons of help! He was a great help with sanding, seeing as we used the rough side of the ply (it had the better grain).
Rebecca =)




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