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This group is for people who also use Cattle manure. The Pro and Cons of using this type of manure for raising worms  and vermiculture.

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Comment by Jeffery Lund on August 18, 2011 at 9:34am

Cattle manure 

I know this is a site for horse manure,, But  want to check to see if any have used cattlemanure.  My family has a barn yard full of it, where we fed the cattle. is it as good as horse poo?if I get a…
Comment by elizabeth tyner on October 22, 2012 at 3:45pm

i just started raising e.f.s and just ran into road block . I was doing fine until i put them in some cow manure.It was fully dried out but only aboutweek old and lost the worms that were in that bin.How long should i dry it because i can get as much as I need for future needs free

Comment by Tom Bergstrand on May 18, 2014 at 11:11pm

I was wondering about cow manure myself a few months ago. I went out in the desert on land that the BLM leases to ranchers to graze cattle on. I scooped up a bunch of dried up cow patties and brought them home in a big plastic bin. I then soaked them in a deep square cake pan until they were saturated and then put them into the bin. By the next day they were all over the manure. BUT ... there was a downside if you could call it that. Since the cow patties were on the ground for a time they had rocks and twigs on the bottom. Not to mention twigs and such all throughout. The castings required some serious straining when harvested. I now grind it up and strain it BEFORE feeding and make an "unholy mix". One cup of VERY strained horse manure, one cup of coffee grounds and one cup of strained cow manure. I mix it all together and add a bunch of finely ground egg shells for their gullets. I then mix it all up with a combination of diet soda and water. (1 soda and 3 water). they seem to really love it. Since we average 20% humidity here in AZ I must add water about every day. I don't use diet soda for that. I am thinking of simplifying my formula and see if they can't love just strained (50 mesh) horse manure (of which I have TONS) and make my life easier. The small problem with that is that trying to rehydrate dried horse manure is a trial and tribulation. It takes a lot of liquid and a lot of time and effort.


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