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Can any share their experiences with using Food Grade DE?  I have been getting mixed information, and am curious to know if you have been using it, and if so - why?


I live in North OC, and have had a concern with Cock Roaches, but am not sure if they could do harm to my bin(s) or not.  The thing I have heard about FGDE is that it will kill roaches, but will also kill the other good bugs that I want in my bin (mites, springtails, etc...).


Any and all experiences would be appreciated...

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FGDE I use it around my bin, dog food bowls and cat food bowls outside to keep ants away. When I lived in Houston and I was pregnant we did not want to use insecticide. The kitchen became infested with cockroaches. My dad sprinkled DE all around behind everything and along the edges of all the cupboards, everywhere he could and it got rid of all the cockroaches. So it does kill them. I did read somewhere that it wont harm the worms but I don't want to use it in the bin b/c I also know FGDE is used to worm cats and dogs.

I've used swimming pool filter grade DE in my bins to control argentine ants.  It was very effective and did not harm the worms.  I only added a bit when I needed it. DE is hard on all insects.




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