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Australian recyclers/climate and vermicomposters in one.


Australian recyclers/climate and vermicomposters in one.

A group of people, be they hobbyists, commercial farmers, businesses  interested in advancing a new approach to having fun and reusing waste through vermicomposting s.

Join and make the change in a new direction. 

Website: http://Australian recyclers/climate and vermicomposters.
Location: Southport Queensland 4215
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Hi we are in to winter here in Australia and the sap is rising in the trees already. Trees and hedges I pruned in March April  may are shooting already.

Also the worms have been breeding all winter and getting stronger now in the middle of  winter, this is great for me.

What will spring bring, it will be wild indeed, looking forward to that.

Is anyone else noticing the same signs or different ones. What is happening for the rest of you, I hope everything is going well.

On the other side is anyone growing veg or ornamentals? using castings? or have anything of interest? please share.

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Weather, a picture.

Hi recyclers, I am putting up a weekly picture of the weather for the south east corner. The Gold Coast is an area of Brisbane so will call the report Brisbane for the most part.Today the 11/4/14 is 17 degrees c in early morning moving to 31 degrees c during the day.The season now is autum and beautiful on the Gold Coastand I will monitor the winter as we go in.I hope this helps to add understanding for the site for your understanding.Continue

Started by Christopher John White Apr 10, 2014.

How things are at the moment.

Hi to you all, I have not checked in for a while, but I am now. Since I was away my boxes went to pot, I am just starting to get them back to where they need to be.I left bags of manure for them and a friend was feeding them but had to go for personal reasons, so they had hard times. Also we have had a lot of off and on rain which keeps the boxes to wet and I can't get into them properly, a further hold up.Now they are just starting to look ok.The weather is still strange here,not  knowing what it is doing which is not helping. I will put up some more pics when the computer is fixed, I am using the library computers at the moment and they are great but I can't upload.I am weighing up castings into lunch size plastic bags, they are 2 lb or 12.23 grams, I am on a learning curve.Catch you all later, and have fun.Continue

Started by Christopher John White Feb 19, 2014.

Hi lets do this together. 2 Replies

Hi folks, I was separating a box of worms yesterday, and that is good, I have no problem with doing that, it takes all day, the good thing is you get to see the full details of your box, container etc.While separating I had the thought that it would be more beneficial to do this as a group, share the equipment, spread the word about recycling and vermicomposting and perhaps set up a castings business.I am in Queensland Australia on the Gold Coast so would like to hear from anyone in the area interested in proceeding with this concept.I have a 11 Styrofoam boxes to maintain.Continue

Started by Christopher John White. Last reply by Adam Tolley Jun 4, 2016.

Ways to go,Spread the message,Have fun.

Hi I heard yesterday that we had the warmest August for fourty  years, this is really disturbing and not good for the summer to come. My worms have been breeding well in August and that will be why. This was backed up by a member in Canada who had the same experience.I am using small worms to feed the simese fighters, they  love them and it is hard to keep them up at times. I am going to take them around to the shops and clubs, inviting them to set up a box of worms for there own use, this way it spreads the  knowledge of the use of worms and recycling.Also I am wanting to chat with schools as now they  introduce the kids to gardens and recycling, using worms.But I  also think the best introduction is through castings, this starts at the soil building stage, food, health, control of our life more and forward.It seems we have a long way to go in interesting people, and then convincing them that this is a good habit to develop  and normalise. Continue

Started by Christopher John White Sep 10, 2013.

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Comment by Christopher John White on September 15, 2013 at 2:32pm

I saw the biggest pe in my box yesterday, it was 4 ml wide and 9 cm long and very purple.

Comment by Christopher John White on October 15, 2013 at 3:20pm

Hi there, I am giving my business cards to professional lawn mowing businesses, so that they can be part of a group if they wish and to promote new thought.

Also I will put this address on the new card so people can come to vermicomposters  and join the conversation.

It is getting very hot here now and it is only October, always 28 or more.

Do you support recycled items when they are made out of glass, plastic, wood etc?

Comment by Christopher John White on June 4, 2014 at 10:23pm

Hi I have been able to interest two more people in getting worm farms and they are getting the worms from me. It is great knowing that my worms are making a difference to the recycling habits of others, and spreading the word.

I volunteer at a nursing home in the garden and am able to ilntroduce worm beds and mulching to help stop the flow of waste to the local dump. I will put the pics up in a little while, it is very exciting.


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