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When you see a simple plastic tote and wonder how many worms you can put in there.

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when you sell a pound of worms to your surgeon while you are laying on the table right before they knock you out.

That is

You go, girl!

LOL but I am feeling way better now

you know you're a wormaholic when the smell of rotten potatoes makes your remember to warn your blog-readers not to overfeed their worms.

... when you start eating eggs so you can use the eggshells to grind and give to the worms.

... when you shredd cardboard in front of television because you're afraid your worms won 't have enough bedding.

... you forget to take your pills because you had a worm-rescue going on.

... when you start begging for rotten food.

... when your doctor tells you, you have worms and you ask him to bag'em.

...when you throw all the christmas stuff out of the bins to put your worms in.

...when your wife asks you why you became a vegetarian all of a sudden.

...when you tell people that a cotton cloth keeps you worm.

... I must be nuts, reading all the above.


I'll stop now because it 'll get annoying after a while and I have to feed my worms.



stefaan, wormengoeroe

Hi Stefaan welcome to Workahlic. 

....You smile when you see rotten vegetables in the fridge. 

....You house needs insulation but your worm bins don't. 

....You check for the mail truck minutes after  placing an order for worms...

Thanks for posting love them all..

when you sleep with your worms!  Ok..not in bed, just next to the

When you put your run-away, dried up worms in a piepan with a little water, in the top of a worm bin, because Jim Hunt said you can revive them....and you do a happy dance when they really do come back to life and crawl down in the bedding.

I am so going to try this

Brenda, I had a couple dozen of my Africans who ran for it when I put an old acrylic painting on canvas over their bin (duh, I didn't think about it cutting off the oxygen!), to stop a bunch of gnats that were hatching out and getting all over the house. All but two of my dried up wormies revived and crawled away. I just put a quarter inch of water in the pan, and tilted it so they could get out of the water if they needed to.

Jim, fine touches on your worm-life-saving technique?

How long had they been dried up?

At least overnight, possibly 24 hours, but not much longer. If I do find any that have been out longer someday, I'm still going to give them a chance to make a "comeback", though.




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