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Worms in New Bin....How long should we wait to check on them?

I think my worms are finally settling into their new home.  Not all over the sides and top.  When should I investigate, whether alive or dead?

Have not seen them eating their food, but trust they have gone below to eat what was put in bedding.  The bedding was made 3 weeks ago and added worms last week. 

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I added a layer of damp newspaper on top...per your suggestion.  How does one know if the worms below are ok?

I agree, it should be fine to do daily spot checks.  It's important to know how things are going in there.  Not that it really changes that much, day to day.  Just don't do large-scale rummaging and rearranging.  Scan the surface, maybe dig a little in one spot once in a while, should be fine.

One of the hardest things for a new wormer to learn is, let Mother Nature do her thing. I am guilty as can be as far as overly checking on my worms...It has taken me 2 years to mellow-out and let the worms do what they do best. Aside from checking the bin temps & moisture, I now only check on them about once a week and they seem perfectly happy with this arrangement. As long as your bin has a nice "Earthy" smell, your worms should be plenty happy...If you develop any kind of funky smell, it's time to 'fluff-up' your bedding and add more carbon-rich material (shredded newspaper, cardboard etc.)

crushed/powdered egg shells are always a welcome addition to my bin. My worms love them!

Thank you for the advice.  You are right...hard not to check on them.  LOL




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