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I have been looking at a worm incubator. They are not cheap, I found a 27 cubic foot chest freezer on Craig's list for $ 75. If I install a thermostat and some heater tape for heating the soil in the winter months will this work?

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Thanks for the info. I am using Earthgro from Home Depot. I don't know if it is the best, but easy to get and cheap.
What defines a worm incubator.
It's a (in this case) 4x8 fiberglass tub with a heater and thermostat, they also have a spigot to collect worm tea. If you live in a cool climate like Flagstaff, AZ you can keep the worms alive in the garage. It is specially made for hatching cocoons.
Welcome to the forum, Glenn. Not sure if this is what you were getting at, but here's an old discussion on such a topic: cocoon incubation?
Wlcome to Glenn.
If you're using Earthgro, you know it's not just manure in there, right?
Here's some reading on the subject:
I should have said manure an Earthgro product.




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