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the bins are getting full and it is time to construct or pick up a harvester. i have looked at youtube vids until i am numb. seems like most of them have some screen wrapped around a 5 gal (or 20 ltr) chopped up bucket. but with the amount i have to harvest and i have to work alone i can't see me servicing both ends of a long tube. i did like the larger unit with the combs and a central conveyor, but that is the "wish i had the bucks and the room kinda unit."

i have looked at the flat screen tray with some type of vibrating device i.e. a vibrating sander, but like most of the designs stuff goes everywhere, but not as bad as the tubes.

not going to do the 'ol lite method use to do that years ago and up until now for small amounts, today was the last day i'm going to waste so much time for so little results!

so any suggestions?

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I have an old orbital sander I'm going to try to hook up as a vibrating type of harvester.

i have considered that and would use a mounted sawsal instead of a sander. Harbor Freight they are under $40. Have to experiment the throw may be too much. also have a couple of vibrator motors from hospital beds.this is what makes playing with these guys so much fun. being a general contractor i love to build.

The sander was dropped years ago, so the clips that hold the sandpaper on are useless. I'm thinking about attaching it upside-down to the bottom of a ?X? frame made with 2X4s and hardware cloth. I figured this would only vibrate without much stress but I could be wrong. I often am :)

seems that i saw one attached against a flat steel plate under the screen like you are talking about. the trip with youtube is you can see a video one time and never find it again.

i have the 5 gal bucket and screen harvester and the flat tray (2x4 sqquare) with screen, both without motors

hands down i like the trays way better-faster-less mess-easyer to make

just my experience though

i dont light harvest too,most big worms wont go through 1/4inch screen small worms will do fine were ever i put the vermicompost.

i kinda was headed to the flat also, unless i could make a trommel with worm combs and a conveyor. i need to have some type of machine that will not destroy what little is left of my back and legs.

and the garbage guru keeps on giving

maybe  a setup like this is what your looking for.i think I would change the angle so its not as steep

i have finally assembled most if not all of the materials necessary to build both a trommel and a vibrating table worm harvesters.

the trommel with be about 24"x7' with the diverter it is more applicable to processing windrows, trenches, and compost bins. the seperater will divert the twigs, clods and unprocessed materials away from the worms and back into the beds.

the vibrating table seems to be better suited for the buckets, trays, and FTs; of course all this needs to be proven out which i hope to be able to do in a couple of weeks.

i'll keep you posted

I had chopped bucket type harvester, but it was taking too much space in the garage, so I prefer flatbed types better! Liked Garbage Guru's harvester. I have seen contractors using similar ones for soil.

Eagerly waiting for pictures!

The sorting screen tray by itself is six foot with the motor housing and stand it is about eight feet.

Try this for the lazy mans way to harvest. I take a 18 gallon bin after three month and put a tray from the old Worm Factory on top of the bin and fill W F  Tray with manure or whatever you have for food. I then soak the WF with lots of water so they buggers can smell the fresh bedding. Then cover and wait about 2 weeks and you should have at least 75 percent of the worms in the W F Tray. Then add the WF contents to another bin.  You can let the old 18 gallon bin sit for another month and then harvest the bin. I think this put less stress on the 75 percent of the worms.  




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