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I noticed that the Vermiculture Conference later year is going to feature a lot of information about starting a business using vermicompost tea. 

After exploring opportunities for organic lawn care franchises these past few weeks, it seems like an alternative to a $80,000-100,000 franchise investment is to learn from others who are currently using various teas in their current business. I don't want to jump in with both feet and spend my life savings just yet, but I would like to experiment on a part time basis and limit risk while learning.

Meijer is a major retail chain here and one of their suppliers who uses teas in their 30 acreas of green houses is the key note speaker at the conference. The more I write about it and think about, the more I want to attend the conference.

I love vermicomposting, but I live in a metropolitan area. Waste disposal or selling vermicast is probably not a viable business opportunity for me right now. But using teas is lawn care is something totally different. I could conceivably do that on a home based business part time for awhile.

Anyone have any thoughts along these lines?

Maybe a smaller way to start up is to take the EcoCycle approach:

It looks like they brew the tea and sell it at pre-determined dates at farmers markets and such. At $25 for 5 gallons, and $4,000 for a large commercial quality 100 gallon tea brewer you'd have to sell 160 plus buckets of tea to pay for the equipment. 

I did find the following lawn care "recipe" but have no idea the ratios needed:

If you treated 10 yards per day at $60 a pop x 6 days a week, you get into some pretty good money.

SafeLawns is an organic lawn care industry organization founded by Paul Tukey, author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual. The Northeast Organic Farming Organization (NOFA) is another organization that offers classes and accreditation for organic lawn care professionals through their Organic Land Care Program

The GeoTea Brewer appears to be an industry leader in compost tea brewers:

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lol, but like i said earlier i go through a lot of trouble to breed the microbes and i would not want to kill them off by putting them through a sprayer. it is really not that much more work to use a large watering can and just swing it back and forth across the lawn.

 people have been swearing by compost tea for how long now? grandma made it, her mom made it, her mom made it... i would say that anything that has been in use for so long is effective.

 i have an aquaponics setup where i put tea over my plants to control bugs, etc. and i have not had to use anything else.

I thought about doing the same thing & selling it at farmers market but you need to use the tea up fast. The plants love it. I experimented with melons, half with tea half w/out.. the with ones are 2x's as big.

never though about it with lawns though.. interesting




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