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Hey guys, our little vermicomposters map was down for a bit, but is finally back online now.  If you have a chance please check in and update your entry on it or if you haven't added yourself to it please do:

Thanks Andrew and Bentley for letting me know it was having problems.  

PS.  I have to admit I'm a little behind on the tweeting stuff, but I've also been playing around with Twitter lately if anyone else is messing around with it and wants to find/follow me there I'm @schow (but so for for me it's mostly for posting silly articles I find about tech stuff and random observations nothing that exciting nor vermicomposting related.. still working things out. Am I supposed to create more than one account by topic? please let me know what you think if you've got thoughts on Twitter).

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Looks great! I sent a message to someone in my area already! :D

Thx.  Btw did you get a chance to add yourself to the map/update your entry?

Not yet since I technically don't have worms yet. Still debating on whom to order from :D

Steven, it's offline again...and so is the Wiki.




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