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This is my operation.

Have had this going since March. Good balance and have had no problems.

Everything I throw at it works.

2" of peaches (free from fruit stand), 2" of pears (neighborhood tree) 1" of egg cartons (local 4H food stand at the Fair) and clumps of cow manure (treats).

This system is the best way to go. The wood and foamboard interior breathes, so there is no excessive moisture concerns. After feeding, there is minimal bugs and then they go away.

Makes vermicomposting easy and fun.

Good to be a worm in my barn.


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Hi just wanted to know if you have any updates on your VB

How to you do the harvesting ?

Thank you

My based my flow through on Joseph's VB48 as available on  You can see a few videos of it on my member page.  One of them highlights harvesting.  Highly recommended. 




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