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This is my operation.

Have had this going since March. Good balance and have had no problems.

Everything I throw at it works.

2" of peaches (free from fruit stand), 2" of pears (neighborhood tree) 1" of egg cartons (local 4H food stand at the Fair) and clumps of cow manure (treats).

This system is the best way to go. The wood and foamboard interior breathes, so there is no excessive moisture concerns. After feeding, there is minimal bugs and then they go away.

Makes vermicomposting easy and fun.

Good to be a worm in my barn.


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Do you have any problem with heat buildup. I put my squirms on a diet of newspaper and finished compost, to keep the temps down.

No problems with heat.

2 - 1'x 1' vents on the lids. Have it in the barn (shaded) and a nice cross breeze.

Went out this morning and the treats were covered solid with worms.

Joe, some folks (myself included) may not know about your system. Here's the link to Bentley's description of it:

Those are great looking bins, down to the paint scheme. Bravo!

Works very well.

When I had plastic bins, I had moisture issues and more bugs. Have to think it’s the wood structure that solved that.

Were you able to view the photos that I posted with this discussion?



Andrew: Thanks for the link.

Joe: Very nice looking bin.I have signed up for the plans on Bentley's web-site.

Thanks Sue.

Key is to get the false bottom tight. Maybe even staple the flaps up the interior sides.

This bottom has to last many months to get the worm up to the top area.

You won’t be disappointed.

Well, It was supposed to go like this.



now we  got them,  they  look like  bentleys


Joseph that is one nice looking worm bin it looks a lot bigger in these photos than in the one Bentley posted for you.  What is the bins stats?   How do you get the tubs out?  Does the front bar come off or do you have to pull the bin out?


Nice are you planning to do plans for more bins?

This bin is 24" x 24" x 96" long.

We’re working on plan details for this as well as the 48".

On the 96", that I show, the bins drop down when you squeeze the sides. This was the first design and I was trying to use the existing bins that I had. When I detail the new design, I will show a shelf (like VB24), lower than this one and capable of using any type of collection device (bins, trays plastic sheet, etc.)



Good to hear about peaches. I've been using them too, and wondered if they were a bit acidic and harmful to the worms. Now I just gotta get me some cow flaps.




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