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I puree all kinds of things for the worms. Especially eggshells. It disgusts my wife but I do it anyway. Does anyone else puree the worm's food. What do you use and especially what do you add to the puree.

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I did until I blew my blender up. Eggshells are good. Dried beans are a treat as well. 

All our kitchen waste goes in the blender. then I dump it in a colander sitting on a 5 gallon white pail to reduce moisture. This sits overnight, then gets fed to the 10 breeder beds that enable my population growth. The breeder beds get processed every 25 to 30 days to harvest eggs and baby worms. If I put unblended kitchen wast in those containers, it would hamper the ease of sifting out the worms in the 1/4 inch screens.

When I started out, I would blend things.  The worms can process it a whole lot faster and I didn't have all that many worms then and I was anxious for vermicompost.  I now just chuck everything in and call it a day.  My bins are much larger now (years later) and I have TONS of worms and more compost than I know what to do with.  It's just not worth spending the time blending.  The only thing I blend now are egg shells.

I add a bit of liquid to my scraps then use an immersion stick blender to turn it into a slurry. I bulk up the slurry with cardboard do the bin is not overly saturated. Works well for a small setup.

If you look online for "worm chow", you'll find some products for sale and maybe a few recipes.  These are dry, gritty-like worm feeds, as opposed to wet pureed kitchen scraps.  Some people keep their recipes secret, but most recipes have a lot in common.  Even Purina has a worm chow product, and its list of ingredients has every grain byproduct imaginable.

Here's my simple and inexpensive recipe - derived from the best of what I found online. I use a food processor to grind down the oatmeal to a coarse powder.  Then mix all the dry ingredients together and store in a moisture-proof container.   DON'T put Azomite in your blender, it will dull your blades.

I sprinkle on this worm chow as a treat between weekly feedings, or when my main feedstock is running low. They love it - brings them to the surface for about 24 hours of chowing and orgying!  Here's for a small first batch:

1/2 c Cornmeal

1/4 c Oatmeal (rolled oats)

1/4 c Bread crumbs, plain not seasoned

1/4 c Powdered milk or buttermilk

1/4 c Azomite or other rock dust*


*Rock dust is a product mined for its trace mineral elements. Many of it minerals are needed by plants and animals, including rare earth elements and other minerals not included in fertilizers or animal feeds.  It's great for worm health and soil health.




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