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After composting for years inside Rubbermaid Totes I finally purchased an Urban Worm Bag to try out.  As I just have it setup and running for a few weeks I haven't had a chance to test the bottom harvesting yet.

Anyone else use a bag system for worm composting?

Here is a link to the video of me putting it together.

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The system is popular on 2 of the Facebook Vermicomposting groups in which I am a member. I don't have one so can't comment. It looks less laborious for castings harvest.

I've used a Worm Inn Mega for the past several years and liked the harvesting idea but it dried out too much and the castings close to the sides of the bag would turn into cement. It was very hard to get these castings to come out of the drawstring opening. I purchased two of the Urban Worm Bags because I ended up with a hole in the Worm Inn trying to get the cement out the bottom and I read that the UWB held in more moisture. I got my first bag, set it up in 5 minutes, and liked the material it was made of and liked the shallower bag that had more surface area. So I decided to buy a second to replace the Inn. I used all the contents of the Inn to fill up one UWB and there was about half of a 5 gallon bucket left over that wouldn't fit. So apparently the Inn is a little bigger than the UWB but I do like it's more surface area and the closed zipper top which should help to keep in more of the moisture. Since I used a lot of basically finished VC from the Inn to fill up the UWB I made a couple of small harvests already and I'm very impressed with the quality of the castings. Nice and moist and easy to remove from the zippered bottom. I've made two harvests, each a week apart, and got 4 worms in the first harvest and nine in the second. I know it is supposed to be 'worm free' when it gets to the bottom of the bag but it is not the case. I had the Inn for several years and all the harvests I made always had a ton of worms in them.  I would usually stop counting at 100 worms, so in my opinion 'worm free' harvesting doesn't happen. One other thing I have noticed with the UWB is that condensation does occur on the zippered lid, which I think will be a good thing for the moisture of the castings. Another concern I had was with the zipper in the harvest area of the UWB.  I would think it would get gunked up with castings but it wasn't the case with the first two harvests. I guess time will tell.

Good to know I also just received a VermiBag as well and I'm about to set it up as well.  The VermiBag has a mesh lid so I do wonder if it will allow more moisture to escape.  I'll keep updating as I tryout these two systems.




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