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I am looking at UNCO  Industries System just for information and I am not planning in buying. From what I have read they provide you with 3.5 gallon buckets, 275 worms of cultured night crawlers. I don't know if this is European or African night crawlers. Also they provide a service in growing and selling worms, my understanding is once you buy into the plan they don't give much advise and forget you ever existed..  

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Interesting, I just had a negative issue with them just today. Our local organic radio show host is promoting the heck out of them, while bypassing a local resource (me). Guess I don't defraud enough people to make enough money to advertise heavily.

Yep, sore spot with salt officially rubbed in now.
Heather, if it makes you feel any better, I would have gladly purchased worms from you if we lived closer. If I travel that way, I will look you up, I would like to see your worm ranch! UNCO sounds fishy, pun intended LOL.
Rebecca =)
Thanks for bringing a smile, Rebecca...and come by any time;).




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